How to get Meldspar ore in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s Meldspar Ore is a flexible Master Rank resource. Here is where to find it.

Though Monster Hunter Rise was a sizable adventure on its own, the addition of the Sunbreak DLC has greatly increased the size of the basic game by introducing some fun and challenging new battles as well as new equipment, armour sets, and weapons for players to acquire.

A number of armour recipes in the new DLC employ the Meldspar Ore, a Rarity 8 resource that is especially helpful. Here is how players can obtain the mineral required to create superior gear.

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Finding and extracting the Meldspar ore

As a Rarity 8 resource, Meldspar ore may only be found during Master Rank hunts and expeditions. The fact that the ore can only be discovered in the scalding Lava Caverns further complicates matters; as a result, you must travel to the hot spot and attempt to gather the material from the Mining Outcrops scattered across the region.

The collect nodes are dispersed across the Lava Caverns in a total of 12 instances. If you’re fortunate, you can cultivate a respectable amount of Meldspar quite rapidly.

You can just run a circle around the region, return to the Main Camp, and then repeat the course to collect the freshly respawned nodes since these nodes will respawn shortly after you have gathered from them.

Hunters will be able to harvest from Mining Outcrops and Bonepiles more than once by using armour equipped with the Geologist Skill, thus doubling the quantity of treasure they may collect from particular zones.

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