How to get the Rope Gun in ‘Sons of the Forest’?

The recently released Sons of the Forest can be a challenging survival game, but there are a plethora of tools available to players to make things easier. The rope/zipline gun is one such tool that allows players to create and ride zip lines to and from higher or lower areas. The rope gun is also needed to enter certain caves in the game. 

To get the rope gun in Sons of the Forest you will need to make your way to a cave on the Westside of the map. The cave is almost exactly in-between the mountains and the sea, so it shouldn’t be hard to spot. Below is the approximate location of the cave. 

(Image Source: Its Shatter on youtube)

Once you’re in the vicinity of the entrance, a cave icon should pop up on your GPS tracker will indicating the location of the same. You could also locate it amidst the undergrowth by following the trail of ammunition boxes that lead to its entrance. 

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The path is blocked off and you will need to break it with a weapon. Once inside, equip a light source as it gets dark. The cave will be full of cannibals so be prepared to fight. Do not follow the floodlights to the right of the cave, instead stick to the left where you will see a bunch of workers’ corpses. 

Past the corpses, you will an opening that is blocked off by a Sluggy. Loot the time bomb on the floor to the right, and throw it at the mutant to clear the path. 

Proceed onwards and be careful as you will face enemies. You will be met with a choice between a left path and a right path. Take the left path and continue until you’re met with another choice. Take the right path this time and it will lead you to a cliff with a briefcase that contains the rope gun. 

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