How to improve gear in Diablo 4?

During your travels in the Sanctuary in Diablo 4, you may encounter a bunch of tough enemies and may even find it impossible to defeat them. Now, you want to get stronger to return the favor. So, here are some ways you can level up in Diablo 4


Items like armor, weapons, and accessories can be upgraded by blacksmiths. The Blacksmith is indicated on the map by anvil icons. A hammer icon will appear over the blacksmith’s head when you are nearby so he shouldn’t be hard to spot. 

Upgrading an item will require you to spend gold and materials, and will increasingly cost more as you upgrade it. Items can only be upgraded a number of times and it varies depending on the rarity of said item. Keep in mind, since the resources for upgrading are rather difficult to obtain, it is better to save them for those you want to keep for a long time. 


Gems are another way to improve your gear. Jewelers can do a bunch of things including combining weaker gems to make more powerful ones, sockets to gear, etc

Gemstones enhance pieces of gear; They will increase the damage of weapons and add a defensive stat to armor and a resistance stat to Jewelleries. You will need three lower gemstones to combine into a more powerful gemstone of the next level. 

These gemstones can then be socketed into a piece of gear making them more powerful as mentioned above. A piece of gear can only have one socket added regardless of whether it had one in the first place or not. 

A piece of gear can also have sockets added to it, the number of sockets that can be added varies based on the type of gear. For example, a cap can have only 1 socket added while a tunic can have 2. Doing so will need a Scattered Prism which has a chance of dropping from a world boss. 

Gems can also be unsocketed, so if you find a piece of gear that has a gemstone you could use for a build you can get it by paying the Jeweller some gold to unsocket the gemstone.

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Aspects and enchanting 

Another way to become more powerful is through Enchanting and imprinting Aspects, and to do that you will have to visit the Occultist. 

You can replace an Affix (stat bonus) with your desired piece of gear through Enchantment. Basically while Enchanting an item you will be given two affixes, different from the one your gear already has for you to choose from.

Also, a third option is to keep the current Affix of your weapon. It is not advisable to keep the current Affix as it will count as an enchantment regardless and your resources will be spent for no reason. 

Also, keep in mind that rerolling the Affixes of an item will bind that item to your account and you won’t be able to trade it with other players. 

Occultists can also imprint or extract Aspects. Aspects are essentially passive augments that enhance an item and its uses. They can be categorized into Defensive, Offensive, Resource, Utility, and Mobility. 

They can be extracted and imprinted onto Rare and Legendary gear. Imprinting an Aspect onto a Rare piece of gear will upgrade the piece of gear to Legendary. 

Extracting Aspects will destroy the original item and the Aspect obtained will be a one-time use. The Aspects unlocked from the Codex of Power however can be used repeatedly. 

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