How to unlock Geralt of Rivia in ‘Fortnite’?

The beloved protagonist from the Witcher series, Geralt of Rivia, has finally come to Fortnite and has brought with him some cosmetic items. Like in previous seasons, players will need the battle pass to be able to unlock these items. 

How to unlock the Geralt of Rivia skin?

To get the Geralt of Rivia skin, you will need to complete the challenges from Page 1 of Geralt’s quest. You will be rewarded with a cosmetic item for completing each of the five challenges on Page 1.

Page 1 Rewards and Challenges 

  • Geralt of Rivia Loading Screen: Activate augments in different matches (5)
  • Muscle Memory Spray: Complete bounties (3)
  • Weapons of the Witcher Back Bling: Defeat a boss (1)
  • Igni Sign Emote: Emote in The Citadel throne room (1)
  • Witcher’s Steel Sword Pickaxe: Deal melee weapon damage to opponents (500)
  • Geralt of Rivia skin: Complete all five Page 1 quests

How to unlock the Viper School Geralt of Rivia skin?

You will be rewarded a second Geralt skin called the Viper school Geralt of Rivia skin for completing all of page 2 challenges. 

Page 2 Rewards and Challenges

  • Witcher Medallion Emoticon: Collect Gold Bars (100)
  • Witcher’s Dawn Wrap: Deal Damage with an Ex-Caliber Rifle to opponents (500)
  • Geralt Banner Icon: Gain shields from potions (300)
  • Inflate-A-Roach Glider: Eliminate an opponent while mounted (3)
  • Viper School Geralt of Rivia skin variant (Blue): Complete all four page 2 quests 

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School of Llama Event

The school of llama event will unlock additional cosmetics. To get these cosmetics, you will need to log into your epic games account on the School of Llama website, where you can track your progress in a particular Path. There are four paths, each with its own set of objectives and obstacles. 

Obstacles are tasks that you will have to complete on a creator-designed map. 

Completing these objectives and obstacles will reward you with cosmetics. Keep in mind, the progress toward these paths would have likely already started if you have been playing the game. 

Rewards for completing main Paths:

  • Path 1 – Witcher’s Silver Sword Harvesting Tool
  • Path 2 – Geralt of Rivia Lobby Track
  • Path 3 – 80,000 XP
  • Path 4 – 80,000 XP

Rewards for completing all tasks: 

  • Path 1 – School of the Cat Emoticon
  • Path 2 – School of the Griffin Emoticon
  • Path 3 – School of the Viper Emoticon
  • Path 4 – School of the Bear Emoticon

Rewards for completing creator-made islands:

  • AXII Challenge – AXII Sign Banner Icon
  • QUEN Challenge – QUEN Sign Banner Icon
  • AARD Challenge – AARD Sign Banner Icon
  • IGNI Challenge – IGNI Sign Banner Icon
  • YRDEN Challenge – YRDEN Sign Banner Icon

You will receive the School of the Llama emoticon for completing all creator-made islands. 

Completing all paths will grant you the:

  • School of the Manticore Emoticon
  • School of the Wold Spray

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