Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: All Lightsaber stances ranked

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor greatly expands on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s approach to combat. While Fallen Order only offered one stance, two if you include the Double Blade near the end, Survivor offers three more new stances for players to choose from. 

There are five stances in the game in total: Single, Double Blade, Dual Wield, Blaster, and Crossguard. You will get access to the Single and Double Blade stances pretty much immediately when the game starts, but as you progress through the story you will unlock three more.

It can be rather overwhelming, confusing even, to decide which Stances to equip as the game only lets you have two stances active at any given time. Worry not as we have ranked all the stances from worst to best. 

5) Crossguard

The Crossguard stance can be thought of as Star Wars Jedi: Survivor‘s strength build. So if you are fond of using slow and heavy weapons in action RPGs then this stance is for you. It deals the most damage out of all the stances and blocks a lot of damage as well. 

Then why is it ranked the lowest? Well, the answer is its speed. This stance is significantly slower than the other stances. Yes, it offers great defense, but unlike other action RPGs Jedi: Survivor needs you to be quick, especially when you’re battling a group of enemies.

A lot of players pair the Crossguard stance with a quicker stance to get the best of both worlds. It shines in 1v1 situations, and even then you will have to learn how to time its slow attacks. 

How to get the Crossguard stance? 

The Crossguard stance is the final stance you will acquire in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and to get it you will have to choose to go to the Shattered Moon much later in the story. You will get the Crossguard stance at the end when you defeat Drya Thornne. 

4) Dual Wield 

The Dual Wield stance in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, as the name suggests, allows you to hold two Lightsabers and swing them at enemies. This stance is good at dishing out high damage and also offers great speed and agility.

The skills are great too; The Dancing Blades skill in particular is a very powerful skill that allows you to throw both Lightsabers at enemies which will then bounce between them doing lots of damage.

So, what’s the catch? Unfortunately, the skills in this stance usually get you up and close to enemies leaving you vulnerable to attacks. It turns you into a glass cannon of sorts allowing you to deal lots of damage but leaving you susceptible to taking a lot of it as well. 

How to get the Dual Wield stance? 

The Dual Wield stance is the first new stance you get which makes it the third stance you will have access to. You will obtain this stance when you fight the Ninth Sister on Coruscant. 

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3) Single

The Single stance is the most balanced in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. It does good damage, offers good defense, and also lets you be agile. You cannot go wrong with this as it doesn’t have any flaws per se, save for the fact that it doesn’t have any stand-out features. 

2) Blaster

The Blaster stance adds a, you guessed it, a Blaster to the mix. You will be able to use it along with a regular Lightsaber. It will allow you to attack enemies at a safe distance keeping you relatively unharmed during combat. While it does add useful ranged attacks it somewhat hampers your ability to do close-range attacks. Nonetheless, it’s a good alternative if you want to use a single Lightsaber but don’t particularly like the abilities of the Single Stance. 

How to get the Blaster stance?

To get the Blaster stance, much later in the story you will be presented with a choice; either to go to the Shattered Moon or back to Koboh. Choose to go back to Koboh and you will receive a Blaster. 

1) Double Blade

The Double Blade stance will allow you to fight like Darth Maul. This stance hits hard, offers good mobility, and also decent defense, it can be loosely thought of as a better version of the Dual Wield stance. Where this stance shines, however, is while taking out groups of enemies. The double-sided blades will allow you to attack larger areas and thus mow down enemies like it’s nobody’s business. Because it excels at quickly hitting large areas, you could pair it up with the Crossguard stance. 

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