Kusan: City of Wolves: Everything we know about the game

Kusan: City of Wolves is a highly anticipated video game developed and published by CIRCLEfromDOT.

It is a hardcore top-down shooter set in a futuristic Asian port city, involving a gripping storyline and intense action gameplay.

Here is everything we know about it so far.

Game overview

Kusan: City of Wolves is distinguished by its top-down shooter gameplay, where players take on the role of Jin, an ex-special ops soldier turned freelancer.

The game’s setting is a near-future Korea, following a tumultuous bid for reunification.

Players find themselves in a cyberpunk city named Kusan, filled with political intrigue and danger.


The narrative of Kusan: City of Wolves unfolds through comic panels.

The protagonist, Jin, is contacted by a government agent named Ayn to retrieve a psychic test subject from terrorists.

The storyline draws comparisons to classic anime like Akira, with a focus on political intrigue and the use of psychic children as a central plot device.

Gameplay mechanics

In terms of gameplay, Jin is equipped with a range of weapons, including a rocket arm, knife, and a gun, each offering unique combat experiences.

The rocket arm can be upgraded for a charge attack, the knife aims automatically but must be retrieved after use, and the starting pistol can be upgraded to a shotgun.

The game follows the formula of clearing levels room by room, reminiscent of games like Hotline Miami, with a high challenge level due to fast-attacking enemies.

The combat system in Kusan: City of Wolves is designed to be tight and violent, giving a weighty and powerful feeling to attacks.

The game features a combo meter, enhancing the adrenaline-pumping action.

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Visuals and art style

Kusan: City of Wolves boasts a pixel art aesthetic.

Notably, the game’s characters are anthropomorphized animals, a bold choice that adds visual flair and assists in character identification​​.

This is also something similar to Hotline Miami.

Development and release

The game is being both developed and published by CIRCLEfromDOT, with a confirmed release scheduled for Q3 2024.

It underwent an alpha test from July 13 to July 26, accessible via Steam.

This phase was crucial for gathering player feedback and refining the game further.

The developers actively engage with the community, providing updates and taking feedback to enhance the gaming experience​​​​.

New features added during development include weapons like the Crossbow, Revolver, and Shotgun, along with new upgrades such as Blitz and Punch Boost.

Kusan: City of Wolves also introduced a new reward system named ‘Nut’, which can be exchanged into ‘Bolt’ for stage clear rewards​​.

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