Laya’s Horizon tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Laya’s Horizon is a game that is unlike any other. Its gameplay revolves around you flying across the sky with the help of a wingsuit, weaving through clouds, mountains, etc.

While the game is intended to be more of a relaxing and joyful experience, it can still be a little challenging for newer players, so here are a few tips and tricks that will surely help such players. 

Collect as many Sparks as you can 

Sparks are extremely vital when it comes to flying in Laya’s Horizon. They allow you to fly faster, and the more sparks you have the faster you fly.

To get these sparks, however, you will have to fly close to the environment, which will require some skill, but the benefit is completely worth the risk. So make sure to collect as many sparks as you can. 

Do not get greedy

As mentioned above, you will want to collect as many sparks as possible in Laya’s Horizon and in doing so will have to fly close to the environment. The problem is that it will put you in a dangerous situation. 

As you might have known, getting hit by an obstacle twice will end your run (or should we say flight), and flying close to the environment will naturally cause you to encounter more of them.

So, while getting sparks is important, what’s more important is not getting hit. In your pursuit of sparks, make sure to not get greedy and potentially end your flight.

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Pay attention to the tutorial

Let’s be honest, tutorials aren’t the most interesting things out there, and most of us just want to get through them so that we can learn the ropes of the game on our own or skip it altogether if it’s possible.

However, in Laya’s Horizon, the tutorial is quite useful and teaches you everything you need to know about the game, from controls to assignments. 

Furthermore, if you wish to play the tutorial again and practice your flying skills, you can do so by going to the menu (top left corner) and pressing the replay tutorial button. 

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