Little Big Robots tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Little Big Robots is a brawler-style game available on the mobile platform and plays similarly to games like Brawl Stars. While the game follows a somewhat formulaic structure, it manages to distinguish itself from the competition.

Undoubtedly, the game demands skill and expertise to consistently win matches. Therefore, here are a few tips that will assist new players in achieving victory.

Get as many robots as you can

In Little Big Robots, when one of your robots is defeated in a match, you can switch to another one, essentially giving you an extra life for each robot you have. The more robots you possess, the more lives you’ll have at your disposal.

If you run out of robots, you’ll exhaust your lives and won’t be able to actively participate in the ongoing match, forcing you to watch your teammates try to win. This underscores the importance of having a sufficient number of robots to secure victory.

Initially, you’re provided with only three robots, so ensure you increase your robot count as quickly as possible. Each player has 16 robot slots, and these can only be expanded by spending gems.

Know your robot

Speaking of the robots in Little Big Robots, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the robot you’re controlling is just as crucial as having a diverse array of robots.

Each robot in the game is unique, featuring varying speeds, special abilities, and, in some cases, a special weapon slot. It’s essential to leverage these attributes to your advantage.

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For instance, the three starter robots differ significantly from one another and serve different purposes. Rhino excels in offense, with its special ability, Assault, capable of not only dealing substantial damage to the enemy but also aiding in escaping dangerous situations.

Fujin is the slowest among the three but compensates with the highest HP and a special ability called Force Field, allowing it to endure a considerable amount of damage.

Destrider strikes a balance, possessing decent offensive capabilities and a moderate ability to withstand damage, making it a versatile choice for new players.

Build an effective team

Creating a team of robots that complement each other is vital for success in Little Big Robots. It’s crucial to assemble a team that not only excels individually but also works cohesively together.

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