Madden NFL 23 first gameplay trailer and details revealed

EA Sports has revealed the first gameplay trailer for this year’s simulation game, highlighting the new features for the game.

The most significant new element in Madden NFL 23 is the Fieldsense technology, which EA claims will provide greater control at all positions in every mode. This new approach will allow for the delivery of ultra-realistic gameplay, which will also include new animations and player control features.

Madden NFL 23 is also updating the “Face of the Franchise” with a new experience called “The League”. There will be new player-focused cameras and position-specific mechanisms. Meanwhile, franchise mode will have “simplified” team-building mechanisms.

Fieldsense will include tackling and hitting as a component. On defence, Madden NFL 23 will have branching technology, which allows players to do actions like mid-air knockouts and jumping on the pile for tackles that are already in process.

According to EA, players will be able to perform standup tackles and have a greater ability to cause turnovers, with the goal of increasing realism across the board.

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A new accuracy reticle and passing metre are also part of the Fieldsense technology, which will allow for skill-based passing. With this new approach, players will be able to regulate control and precision with greater granularity than previously. Players can go back to traditional passing if they choose to.

A new staff management system, a weekly game planning system, and more advanced scouting are among the additions and enhancements coming to Franchise mode. The trade logic mechanism in Franchise mode has also been modified to better represent genuine player valuations.

Madden NFL 23 will be launching on the 19th of August for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, as well as last-gen consoles.

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