Magic Rampage tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Magic Rampage is a side-scrolling action RPG platformer available on mobile and was originally released in 2013. Since then the game has received many updates that have transformed it into the deep experience that it is today.

The game has quite a few secrets and systems that newcomers may not catch onto at first so here are some tips and tricks that are sure to help. 

Look out for secrets

Magic Rampage has a lot of secret/hidden areas that contain loot. They can be anywhere on the level but generally can be found by looking for weirdly placed coins and platforms, randomly placed buttons, etc.

Sometimes all you have to do is simply go in the opposite direction of a dungeon from the starting point. 

The most common type of loot you will find in such places is gold which sometimes may come in plenty and sometimes a small sum. Other loots include weapons and incredibly useful healing potions, so make sure to look for these secret areas. 

Look around before destroying large boxes 

You will come across many large boxes in Magic Rampage, and your first instinct will be to destroy them and gather some quick gold. While there’s nothing wrong with it, these boxes may sometimes be the key to accessing some of the aforementioned secret areas. 

More often than not these boxes will be nothing more than a quick way to get some gold, but regardless of that make sure you look around for strangely placed platforms, suspicious-looking bricks, etc. If found, simply push the box to the right location and use it to access those areas. 

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Watch your stamina bar

To keep you from spamming attacks Magic Rampage has a stamina bar mechanic that allows you to shoot 5 times before having to pause briefly to recharge. The stamina bar refills faster with more shots remaining.

Since you have 5 shots, and special attacks take up 3 at once, always be mindful of this bar unless you want to run out of stamina in a tough situation. 

Never sell the Supersonic Ring and Jumpman Armor

You will unlock two very useful items quite early on in Magic Rampage called the Jumpman Armor and the Supersonic Ring. The former gives you a 28% boost to your jump height and the latter gives you a whopping 70% boost to your movement speed.

They don’t offer much help when it comes to combat but will be more than handy when it comes to accessing secret areas and puzzles that require speed. If you do end up selling them you will have to wait a long while until you unlock triple jump to access said areas and beat said puzzles. 

Headshots are vital 

Killing enemies is not particularly hard in Magic Rampage, but if you want to kill them faster make sure you aim for their head. Headshots deal nearly twice the normal damage allowing you to kill them twice as fast.

It’s also convenient that the enemies (well characters in general) have large heads, making it way easier to land headshots. 

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