Manor Lords: Everything we know about the game

Manor Lords is a highly anticipated medieval strategy game that combines deep, organic city building with large-scale tactical battles.

Developed by Slavic Magic and published by Hooded Horse, this game has garnered significant interest ahead of its release.

Release date and platforms

Manor Lords is scheduled for release on April 26, 2024.

It will be available on PC via platforms like Steam, with a strong possibility of becoming available on other platforms given its growing popularity​​​​.

Gameplay and features

The game is set to offer a gridless, organic city-building experience, allowing players full freedom in placement and rotation of structures.

This approach is inspired by the growth of real medieval towns and villages, where factors like major trade routes and landscape influenced development.

Historical realism is a key component, with every building and activity in the game drawing inspiration from XI-XV century Europe.

Players can expect to engage in activities like plowing fields, blooming iron, and herding sheep, all governed by the seasons and weather changes.

Large-scale battles are another major feature, aiming to portray realistic medieval warfare with morale, flanking, fatigue, weather, and equipment playing significant roles.

The game promises to include elements like cavalry, fortifications, units on walls, gunpowder, and siege engines​​.

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Developer’s vision

Manor Lords is a solo developer’s creation, utilizing Unreal Engine to bring a fresh spin to the RTS/Builder genre.

The developer, Slavic Magic, aims to strike a balance between depth and realism to provide an immersive medieval fiefdom simulation​​.

Community engagement

The game has already achieved a milestone of being wishlisted by over two million players on Steam, reflecting its growing popularity and anticipation within the gaming community.

Manor Lords stands out with its blend of city building, historical accuracy, and tactical warfare, all set in a meticulously crafted medieval world.

As the release date approaches, the game continues to build anticipation among strategy and city-building game enthusiasts.

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