Meet Your Maker: How to get Weapons, Suits, Boosts, and more?

Meet Your Maker provides you with one melee weapon, one ranged weapon and one Suit. You obviously won’t be stuck with this for the rest of the game (unless you want to) as the game has a few more weapons to offer along with hardware, Suits, etc. Here’s how to get them. 

Weapons, Suits, Traps, Guards, and Hardware in Meet Your Maker 

To get these you will have to first unlock the respective Advisors. There are five Advisors in total and they will become available after you beat the tutorial, and once you unlock them you can visit them in the Command Center and peruse through their inventories.

You will need Cells as well as Parts to purchase the items and the price of each item will be listed next to them. 

Weapons: To buy new weapons, visit Chrona, the Weapons Advisor. She will sell melee and ranged weapons along with personal shields. She can also upgrade your weapons. 

Suits: You can buy and upgrade suits when you visit Prosarmogi, the Suits Advisor. 

Traps: Prota, the Traps Advisor will allow you to buy and upgrade traps for your Outposts. 

Guards: Having Guards in your Outposts is vital and to buy and upgrade them you must visit Metamorph, the Guard Advisor. 

Hardware: You can buy hardware i.e grenades, respawn beacons, portable shields, and other useful consumables from the Hardware Advisor, Elipida. 

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In Meet Your Maker, Boosts are basically the upgrades available for Advisors which aid the player in many ways. All of the Boosts except one help the players in gathering resources. The only Boost which doesn’t do this is the one offered by the Suits Advisor. Here are all the Boosts the Advisors grant: 

Chrona (Weapons Advisor)

Chrona’s Boost increases the drop rate of Parts and has three levels. 

  • Level 1 offers a 10% increase.
  • Level 2 offers a 20% increase. 
  • And Level 3 offers a 30% increase. 

Prota (Traps Advisor)

Prota offers a Boost that increases the drop rate of Synthite. And like all other Boosts, this also has three levels. 

  • Level 1 increases the drop rate of Synthite by 10%. 
  • Level 2 increases the drop rate of Synthite by 20%. 
  • Level 3 increases the drop rate of Synthite by 30%.

Metamorph (Guards Advisor) 

The Boost offered by Metamorph grants an Increase in the Prestige earned by Outposts. 

  • Level 1 increases Prestige earned by 5%. 
  • Level 2 increases Prestige earned by 10%. 
  • Level 3 increases Prestige earned by 20%. 

Elipida (Hardware Advisor)

Elipida’s Boost grants the GenMat gained. 

  • Level 1 increases GenMat gains by 5%.
  • Level 2 increases GenMat gains by 10%. 
  • Level 3 increases GenMat gains by 15%.

Prosarmogi (Suits Advisor)

As mentioned earlier, Prosarmogi’s Boost is the only one that doesn’t aid players in resource gathering. It is also the most useful for new players trying to earn resources by raiding other players’ outposts. The Watchman Boost also has three levels each more useful than the last. 

  • Watchman reveals the approximate number of Guards and Traps in an Outpost. 
  • Watchman II reveals the exact number of Guards and Traps in an Outpost and also displays the approximate length of the Harvester path. 
  • Watchman III reveals the exact number of Guards and Traps, the exact length of the Harvester path, and also reveals the two most used traps in the Outpost. 

Note: The duration of each of these Boosts can be increased by ranking up the respective Advisors.