Meet Your Maker: Tips and tricks for beginners

Meet Your Maker is a sci-fi first-person shooter developed by Behaviour Interactive where players can build outposts and raid outposts of other players in an open world. The hype around this unique game is high and here are some tips and tricks that will help beginners excel.

Be patient while raiding

When raiding as a beginner in Meet Your Maker, it’s easy to just switch your brain off and rush to the Genmat. However, with this approach, you will certainly die.

It’s essential to make the death worthwhile and not repeat the same mistake. Hence, taking the raid slow and being mindful of your surroundings is vital. 

The outposts created by players won’t be nearly as simple to raid as in the tutorial. They will be full of cleverly placed traps and enemies, causing you to get overwhelmed and inevitably die.

Play with friends

In Meet Your Maker, players can co-op with another friend. Apart from how fun it is to play with a friend, having another player while raiding can be helpful.

Not only will you have double the gun power to take out enemies, but you can also revive each other if one of you were to fall in battle, making the raid that much easier. 

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Follow the harvester

The game doesn’t provide the player with a map for each new location they go to. This makes it rather difficult at times to find the Genmat while raiding. This is where the Harvester comes in handy. 

The Harvester constantly travels between the entrance of the outpost and the Genmat, always taking the shortest path.

So, if you are lost or are struggling to find the Genmat, you can follow the Harvester. However, keep in mind not to get blocked by it when escaping. Also, look out for traps players might have placed across the Harvestor’s path.

Use the grappling hook 

Meet Your Maker provides the player with a grappling hook, but doesn’t exactly explain it very well. Do not forget about it as it can get you out of sticky situations.

Did you set off a bunch of bomb ejectors, and now the floor isn’t safe? Use the grappling hook to get out of there. It also helps you reach otherwise inaccessible areas, ranged traps, across pits, etc. 

Outposts can transform 

Players can unleash new adversities against the raiding player when they come in contact with the Genmat, essentially ‘transforming’ the outpost.

While building, you can place traps and enemies that will only come and attack the raiding player when they reach the Genmat. So, be clever in the way you place them, as it may save your outpost from raids.

Use the replay system

The replay system in Meet Your Maker allows you to go back and watch the attempts of players who are trying to raid your outpost and steal the Genmat.

You can use this to observe and learn, and thus improve your outpost and make it harder for players in the future. 

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