‘Minecraft’ update 1.20 to add Cherry Blossoms Biome

Mojang Studios has revealed another and final addition to Minecraft which is the cherry blossoms biome. It will bring in some vibrant colors and new blocks for players to build. 

In an announcement post, Mojang said: “This beautiful biome is filled with cherry blossom trees that bring a unique look to the horizon as their crowns are big and flat, like fluffy pink clouds. It’s no wonder that three adorable mobs, pigs, sheep, and bees, are drawn to them and will spawn in this biome.”

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In this Minecraft biome, the wood from the cherry tree can be cut down and crafted into doors, trap doors, planks, fences, steps, and signboards like all other woods in the game. Unlike other wood blocks, however, players can use this wood to craft hanging signs.

The cherry tree saplings can be found in the biome and can be planted anywhere. Along with this, the update is also adding an archeology system which was initially shown off in 2020. The system will allow players to look into the past of the world, with a new block called suspicious sand. 

The sniffer is another addition, a mob that will help players locate ancient seeds which will grow into decorative plants. The update is said to launch this year, but Mojang has been silent regarding the exact date. 

Minecraft is a 3D sandbox game released in 2011 which is now the best-selling videogame in history.

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