NanoApostle: Everything we know about the game

NanoApostle is an upcoming action-adventure game developed by 18Light Game Ltd., set to release in 2024.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of what we know about it so far.

Game overview

NanoApostle is described as a dark science-fiction boss rush action game featuring intense reaction-based combat and a unique “Destruction Point” system.

The story of the game revolves around a young girl, Anita.

She has been augmented with powerful nanomachines, and the game is set within the confines of a shadowy and top-secret research facility.

In this facility, Anita, a product of experimental procedures, is implanted with a sentient nanomechanical entity known as “Apostle.”

Together, Anita and her nanite allies are tasked with battling a series of dangerous prototype bio-weapons.

These enemies represent twisted cybernetic experiments that Anita must defeat in her quest to escape the facility.

Key Features

Intense Boss Battles: Players face off against various formidable foes, including axe-wielding mechs and fire-spewing behemoths, culminating in brutal executions of enemies.

Evolving Multi-Stage Battles: Enemies become more ferocious when threatened, often warping environments to enhance their onslaught.

Unique “Destruction Point” System: This system allows players to identify and exploit structural weaknesses in opponents for devastating attacks​​​​.

Skill-Based Progression: Players earn skill points through combat and challenges, allowing for the creation of unique skill combinations that resonate with their playstyle​​.

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Development and release

NanoApostle is developed by 18Light Game Ltd. and published by PQube. The game is scheduled for release on PC in 2024.

Gameplay mechanics and anticipation

Character Abilities: Anita, the protagonist, has various abilities, including dodge, parry, slashing attacks, and a deadly projectile, due to her symbiotic relationship with the nanomechanical entity known as “Apostle.”

Challenge System: The game features a challenge system where players can earn skill points by completing tasks ranging from defeating hordes of enemies to parkour challenges.

NanoApostle will be available in multiple languages, including English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese, making it accessible to a broad international audience​​.

With its dark sci-fi setting, intense boss battles, and innovative gameplay mechanics, NanoApostle promises to offer an engaging and challenging experience for action-adventure game enthusiasts.

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