The Outlast Trials: 5 important tips and tricks for beginners

The Outlast Trials, the third installment in Red Barrels’ hit horror franchise takes a whole new approach to the survival horror gameplay loop. New features like coop and special abilities turn The Outlast Trials into an entirely different kind of game that even veterans of the previous games may find tricky. Therefore, we have compiled five very useful tips for players who are just starting. 

Play with friends

The previous Outlast games were all single-player games, but The Outlast Trials lets you play with three other players. While the game can certainly be played alone, there’s a reason why coop exists.

Apart from being insanely fun (especially with friends), coop allows you to strategize and beat the many obstacles that the game throws at you, increasing your chances of survival. Playing with three other players will also allow each one of you to carry one of the four rigs, essentially giving you the benefits of all of them. 

Choose Rigs that suit your playstyle

When you reach level 2, you will be able to use special items called Rigs. There are four Rigs you can choose from so far in The Outlast Trials; Stun, Heal, Xray, and Blind.

You must choose the one that fits your playstyle, especially if you’re playing with other players, as you can contribute so much more to the team if you’re good at what you do. 

For example, if you’re good at stealth, the X-ray Rig will enhance your skills. Similarly, someone who is good at escaping or always finds themselves getting caught by enemies can use the Blind and Stun Rigs.

It’s all about knowing your strengths and weaknesses and choosing a Rig accordingly. 

Get good at lock-picking

Speaking of the Rigs in The Outlast Trials, it has to be mentioned that they are consumables, which means they cannot be used indefinitely. They can, however, be “recharged” with the help of Rig Rechargers.

These Rig Rechargers will be contained in metal lockers and locked blue cabinets which have to be lock-picked to be opened. This wouldn’t be a problem if you didn’t lose a small amount of your sanity every time you fail to pick a lock.

Unfortunately, you do, so make sure to practice lock-picking until you get good at it. 

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Search for documents and items

Your main goal in The Outlast Trials is to survive, but you also have a second goal: To expose Murkoff’s horrifying practices. To do so you will have to search for documents and other items in your surroundings.

More importantly, some of the documents you come across will contain layouts of the facility, escape routes, and other useful details. This is also a good way of finding batteries, anti-psychotic drugs, and other useful items, so make sure to thoroughly search every room you enter. 

Be stealthy

Saying “Be stealthy” in an Outlast game is like saying “Don’t run towards a hungry tiger.” It’s obvious, yes, but it’s easy to get carried away in The Outlast Trials because of all the abilities you have at your disposal.

By no means are you dangerous, and throwing bricks and bottles does little more than stun or distract enemies. However, the Rigs and having other players alongside you can certainly make you overconfident which is never a good thing when you’re trying to navigate through a facility full of murderous freaks.

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