The Outlast Trials: Rigs guide

With The Outlast Trials, Red Barrels have made a bunch of new changes and additions to the game’s formula, and one of the more significant ones is Rigs. Here’s everything you need to know about them. 

What are Rigs in The Outlast Trials?

Rigs are consumables or can be better thought of as special abilities that will give you an advantage against enemies. However, they cannot be used indefinitely and will require Rig Rechargers to be used again.

These Rig Rechargers can be found in metal lockers, locked blue cabinets, and boxes, which can only be opened by lock picking. Be careful though as each failed attempt will chip away at your sanity and health. 

How to get Rigs?

To unlock Rigs in the game, you will have to visit an engineer named Cornelius Noakes in the facility. You can find his shop, the Bingo Fuel Garage, to the right of the main exit which is on the ground floor.

Here, you will be able to purchase and upgrade Rigs from him. There is, however, a prerequisite as you will have to reach Therapy Level 2.  

All the Rigs in The Outlast Trials

As of now, there are four Rigs you can use in the game: 


The Stun Rig allows you to throw an electric shock device at enemies and stun them. This one is extremely useful for those who always find themselves getting chased by enemies. Coupled with a few bottles and bricks, you can easily give them the slip and go back to focusing on your objective. 

Some must-have upgrades include Extended Duration, Expanded Radius, and Prepared. Extended Duration does exactly what it says, and keeps the enemies stunned for longer. Expanded Radius allows you to potentially stun more than one enemy. Lastly, Prepared lets you use the Rig as soon as the Trial starts. 


The Blind Rig in The Outlast Trials will let you place a mine that, when triggered by an enemy, produces smoke and blinds them for a few seconds.

This Rig is effective in small spaces like narrow corridors, but you can also place one down before doing an objective like fixing a generator. So, in case an enemy does find you, you will have a few more seconds. 

The Recharge and Deploy Techniques make for good upgrades. Recharge will reactivate the mine after it has been triggered, essentially giving it two uses.

Deploy Technique will reduce the time taken to place the mine down, which may come in handy when you’re being chased by an enemy. 

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The X-Ray rig lets you see through walls for a few moments which can be extremely useful to learn enemy locations. This rig by itself isn’t all that useful, but when upgraded can be quite helpful.

The Resources Intel and Classified Intel upgrades will let you see consumables and mission items respectively. Another noteworthy upgrade is Battery Transfer, which recharges the battery of your night vision goggles every time you use the Rig. 


The Heal Rig is one of, if not the most, useful Rig in The Outlast Trials. It lets out a gas that heals you and nearby teammates, making it a must-have in every team. 

The Expanded Radius upgrade increases the area of healing and hence becomes mandatory if you’re playing with other players. Detox is also beneficial as it will allow the gas to cure psychosis and heal you. Poison will slow down enemies making it a defensive as well as offensive Rig. 

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