Overwatch 2: Lifeweaver origin story explained

Overwatch 2’s Season 4 added the latest addition to its roster of Heros, Lifeweaver. Lifeweaver is a Support Hero in the game who is great for those who want to play as healers.

Also, like all the characters in Overwatch, Lifeweaver has an interesting backstory. Here’s everything you need to know about him. 


Niran Pruksamanee (Lifeweaver) was born in Thailand to a wealthy family. His parents had high expectations of him as they did of his two siblings. Niran, however, was a wild spirit and didn’t follow the path his parents had laid out for him.

He enjoyed mending the plants in his compound’s vast garden alongside the gardeners. He was too intelligent, even for the expensive schools he was put in, often completing assignments by discovering new solutions or doing more than necessary. His parents didn’t appreciate him standing out however and put him in the highly regarded Vishkar Architech Academy. 

What Vishkar called “perfection” was in Niran’s eyes a prison and he became an outcast because he tended to think outside the box and stand out. 

Lifeweaver says: “A perfect world is a perfect prison. They taught us that uniformity is strength, like links in a chain. That there was a formula for success that we all must follow. But…I’ve never been much of a follower. So I stepped away, beyond their lifeless gardens, into the wild, wider world, to explore its infinite beauty. And I learned that our home needs help. Each step has led me closer to understanding how passion and calculation, failure and resilience, science and life — all brought together — can lead us to something honest, vital, true.”  

However, one student at the academy didn’t shun him. His roommate, Satya Vaswani grew close to him within a matter of weeks and soon became inseparable. They didn’t see eye to eye on most things but respected each other deeply. In that, they were sort of rivals. 

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How he got the name ‘Lifeweaver’

During the school breaks he got, he took the opportunity and his parents’ wealth to travel the world to learn about his true passion — the natural world. These travels were a dose of reality to Niran as he realized that the world outside his bubble of elites was rife with suffering and illnesses. 

Niran decided to fix this, and using the academy’s resources and his parent’s influence, he set out to do just that. While researching, he learns that the late founder Vishkar had plans of making his Hardlight free to the world before he ended up putting restrictions on it.

With the help of this technology and his passion for botany, Niran created the Biolight, which was an organic substance that was capable of healing horrible wounds instantly. 

He, like his predecessor, dreamt of making the Biolight free for the world, but Vishkar ruined his plans by claiming ownership of his invention. Niran ignored Vishkar’s demands, took his invention, and fled the academy, despite his friend Satya’s advice. His parents severed his access to their wealth and begged him to hand over the technology to Vishkar and return. 

Niran took refuge at the Atlantic Arcology and began to go by the name of “Lifeweaver.” Without having to worry about the governing laws of any nation, Niran continued perfecting the Biolight so that he could help those in need and reconnect the people with nature. 

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