Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, the newest installment in the renowned Prince of Persia series, revitalizes the franchise with its unique blend of Metroidvania-style gameplay.

This game stands out by integrating classic elements with innovative mechanics to deliver an immersive and challenging experience.

Here’s a guide to mastering the game.

Understanding memory tokens

A key addition to this title is the memory tokens.

These tokens enable players to mark areas on the map that are initially unreachable due to lack of certain abilities or tools.

This feature is particularly useful for navigating the expansive world and managing exploration effectively.

As players acquire new skills, they can revisit these marked spots to access areas that were previously off-limits.

The role of Amulets

Amulets play a vital role in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, offering various buffs and enhancements that are essential for progressing through tougher challenges.

The game offers a range of amulets, each suited to different playstyles.

Some enhance combat abilities, while others might provide defensive benefits.

Players are encouraged to experiment with various amulets to discover the combination that aligns with their approach to the game’s obstacles.

Mastering combat techniques

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown places a strong emphasis on diverse combat techniques, especially air combos.

Players can initiate combat by launching enemies into the air, then executing a sequence of aerial attacks, which are generally more effective than ground-based assaults.

Gaining proficiency in these air combos is crucial for efficiently defeating enemies and reducing the damage taken in battles.

Developing defensive strategies

In Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, the defensive strategies are centered around two main tactics: parrying and dodging.

Parrying, while requiring precise timing, offers significant benefits such as building up the meter and making enemies vulnerable.

Dodging is less risky but lacks these advantages.

Players need to adapt their defensive tactics based on their confidence level and the specific situation they face.

Frequent visits to Haven for upgrades

The game features Haven as its central hub.

Players should regularly return here to upgrade their weapons and amulets and receive guidance for upcoming objectives.

Staying updated with these upgrades and visiting Haven regularly is key to maintaining a balance of power as the game’s difficulty level increases.

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Exploring the Scrapper’s shop

Located just outside Haven is the Scrapper’s shop, where players can exchange special coins for unique items that offer high-risk, high-reward benefits.

These items can significantly boost players’ capabilities, making it beneficial to check out this shop and its offerings.

Collecting Prophecy jars

Throughout the game, players can find prophecy jars that contribute to a mural in the lower City.

Completing parts of this mural by finding jars rewards players with valuable items like Soma time pedals, Ingots, and time crystals.

This aspect of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown encourages thorough exploration and provides tangible rewards.

Utilizing Athra surges

Athra surges are powerful attacks that players can unlock as they progress.

These surges require meter accumulation and can be strategically deployed during combat.

Players have the option to equip two surges from a total of ten available choices, selecting those that best fit their combat strategy or specific boss encounters.

Advised Combat strategy

The game discourages reliance on simple button mashing during combat.

Instead, it recommends a blend of attacks and skills for more effective fighting.

Integrating attacks like the sweep attack into combat sequences allows players to remain aggressive while controlling their actions for more efficient and effective combat engagement.

Leveraging the platforming assist feature

For those who find the platforming elements of the game challenging, there is an assist feature available.

This option allows players to bypass difficult platforming sections, ensuring that everyone can continue to enjoy the game, even if they struggle with certain segments.

These tips and strategies are designed to enhance your gameplay experience in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.

By understanding and utilizing them, players can navigate the game’s rich world more effectively, engage in more strategic combat, and fully enjoy the innovative blend of traditional and new mechanics that this title offers.

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