Race Max Pro – Car Racing tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

In a market that is dominated by the Asphalt franchise, Race Max Pro – Car Racing is a great alternative that feels like a breath of fresh air with its arcade but not over-the-top driving physics. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help new players get started in the game.

Choose the control settings that suit you 

After completing the tutorial race, you will be prompted to choose between three control schemes. The first option allows you to steer your car with your left hand while accelerating and braking/reversing with your right hand.

The second option is similar, but only gives you control over braking/reversing, with the car’s acceleration being automated. The third option provides control solely over steering, with all other functions automated.

Based on your playstyle, you can opt for either the first or the second scheme. However, it’s advisable to avoid the third option, as it doesn’t grant the freedom necessary for drifting and navigating tight corners.

Do not skip the cutscene before the race

While racing in “Race Max Pro – Car Racing,” you’ll notice the cutscenes that play before each race. While such cutscenes are common in many racing games, they are particularly slow and extended in Race Max Pro – Car Racing, which can be quite frustrating.

There is an option to skip these cutscenes, but it’s essential to refrain from doing so. If you skip, the race begins immediately, leaving your car stationary for a few crucial moments. This brief pause can sometimes jeopardize your entire race. Therefore, despite the annoyance, it’s recommended to sit through the cutscene.

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Spend your Gold wisely

When you begin playing Race Max Pro – Car Racing, you will receive an initial amount of 100 Gold. Additionally, you can earn Gold through log-in rewards.

While it might be tempting to spend this Gold on low-tier cars early in the game—especially given the grind required to afford a quality car—it’s advisable to save as much Gold as possible. The reason is that higher-tier cars become considerably expensive later on.

Specifically, it’s best to allocate your Gold toward purchasing cars with a rating higher than B.

Make sure to use up your fuel regularly

Like many mobile games, Race Max Pro – Car Racing incorporates a method, known as the fuel system, to prevent players from playing continuously.

Here’s how it works: you need fuel to participate in races, and you generate 1 unit of fuel every 10 minutes. However, there’s a cap on how much fuel you can accumulate, so you can’t simply wait for extended periods and expect your fuel to stack up endlessly.

A strategic approach to maximize your fuel efficiency is to return to the game approximately every hour to use up the accumulated fuel on easy races. This not only ensures you don’t waste fuel but also serves as an effective method to accumulate money and XP.

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