Rage Effect: Mobile tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Rage Effect: Mobile is a newly released first-person shooter developed by an Indian game developer known as Golden Studios. The game is packed with intense action and fast-paced shooting which demands a lot of skill, and newer players may find this game to be challenging. So here are a few tips and tricks that will surely help them. 

Never stay stationary when engaging an enemy

Engaging in combat in Rage Effect: Mobile can be intensely challenging, requiring agility and quick reflexes to emerge victorious. While certain scenarios necessitate staying stationary, like when using a sniper rifle to target distant foes, it’s vital to remain in motion in close-combat situations.

This is particularly crucial when you’re close to an adversary. Whether running, jumping, or crouching, your goal is to make it challenging for the enemy player to keep their cursor on you.

Conversely, if you’re pursuing an opponent and they attempt to flee, don’t hesitate to chase them. Accurately targeting a moving enemy necessitates that you be on the move as well. Moreover, always continue shooting as you maneuver to optimize your chances in combat.

Play with the highest FPS

Rage Effect: Mobile is a fast-paced shooter where the tide of the game can shift in mere moments. Events can unfold in the blink of an eye, whether it’s you taking down two adversaries or an enemy surprising you with a sudden headshot.

The key is to react swiftly to these unexpected situations. One way to ensure that you’re always prepared is by maximizing your frames-per-second (FPS). A higher FPS, even if the difference is minuscule, allows for smoother gameplay and quicker visual input, enabling you to respond faster and potentially enhancing your chances of survival.

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Don’t forget to take cover 

As previously discussed, combat in Rage Effect: Mobile can become intensely heated. During such moments, it’s easy to get caught up and neglect your safety.

While aggressively confronting enemies is often the preferred approach, it’s vital to exercise caution when outnumbered. In situations where you’re at a numeric disadvantage, the wisest strategies are to either retreat or seek cover.

If retreating feels too passive for your playstyle, at the very least, find cover while engaging your foes. Being openly exposed to multiple enemies’ crosshairs is a situation you’ll want to avoid.

Pay attention to the map

The map in Rage Effect: Mobile is an extremely useful mechanic. It essentially lets you know the location of the enemies, thereby giving you a heads-up in case any of them try to surprise or ambush you. So make sure to pay attention to it at all times.

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