Raider SIX tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Raider SIX is an Indian free-to-play battle royal game available on Android. While the battle royale has become saturated with each game trying something different to stand out, Raider SIX sticks to the root of the genre and retains its simplicity. Most gamers today will have an idea of how to survive in such games, but here are a few tips and tricks that will be of help nonetheless. 

Landing Spots are vital

If you’ve played battle royale games before you probably already know how important landing spots are, and Raider SIX is no different. Landing in the right spot will make or break the game most of the time as starting loot is extremely vital for survival.

Make sure to land in places that are sure to give you good loot like the Power Plant, Transport Centre, and Farm. 

Collect Meds

Another tip that may seem obvious, but the importance of it cannot be stressed enough. Collect meds! The key to outlasting your opponents in Raider SIX is less about guns and killing and more about meds and healing. Fights are unavoidable and in many cases, you will be close to death even if you emerge victorious. Meds will heal you and give you another fighting chance, increasing your survivability greatly. 

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Avoid Airdrops 

This may seem counterintuitive as we all know that airdrops are where the good loot is. Unfortunately, that’s also where all the players will be, and in most cases, the really skilled players. As a new player, heading to airdrops is problematic so avoid them at all costs. 

That being said, if you feel like you have the basics of the game down, do make attempts to retrieve the loot once in a while, as it’s a good way of learning how to survive in such situations. 

Be mindful of the Zone

This is a no-brainer, everybody will be aware of the zone closing in, but it’s easy to forget about it when you get into long drawn-out fights, go looking for loot, etc in Raider SIX.

The last thing you want is to get stuck outside the zone and spend the next few minutes chasing it down during which you will take a lot of damage and potentially get taken out by another player as soon as you enter it. 

Additionally, if you are stuck outside the zone and are too far away to be able to make it back inside on foot without dying, then look for cars and other transportation facilities instead. If you do manage to find one then you will most likely make it back. 

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