Redfall: Tips and tricks for beginners

Redfall, the first-person shooter developed by Arkane Austin and published by Bethesda Softworks, is not the easiest to get through. With vampires, wild loyalists, and hulking bosses lurking in every corner, a strategic approach is necessary to survive. However, if you need a slight headstart, here are a few suggestions to help you traverse Redfall’s lethal landscape with a little ease.

Prioritize unlocking fast travel points 

In Redfall, you’ll find an array of fast travel points that let you easily hop maps and reach your chosen destinations. You’ll want to unlock as many as you can to make life easier for yourself.

Clearing Safehouses and noting Historical Markets will save you a lot of time, and allow you to teleport to the place nearest your current quest, or respawn at these locations if you die.

If you fail to do so, you’ll find yourself running through the map, exhausting yourself.

Utilize new skill points

As you level up, you’ll acquire a new skill point to spend on your character’s development. It is easy to miss the fact that you have points in your inventory as the game doesn’t necessarily point it out.

Therefore, keep checking your skill point inventory and make sure you regularly use the to upgrade. Furthermore, pursuing health-oriented skills first will help you survive dire situations.

Pick up every item

As you stomp through enemies, you’ll come across wayward weapons, blood remnants, and other collectibles. It is recommended that you pick up everything and scrap your resources for cash.

Redfall is a challenging game, and supplies aren’t always in surplus. You’ll probably find yourself scraping for resources soon so it’s best to come in prepared by grabbing everything you see.

However, keep an eye on your weapons. The game is brimming with weapons that scale as you level up. So, you should switch your rig regularly, and exchange your older equipment when you require money for ammo or health packs.

Use your supplies carefully

To face enemies without burning through your valuable resources and struggling later, you should save your ammunition and health packs when you can.

For instance, using melee in combat where possible, and scavenging for food scraps instead of wasting expensive health packs. f you follow this process from the beginning, you’ll have a much better journey in Redfall.

Always keep a lock pick and a rewire kit

Two of the most important items to have on you at all times are a lock pick and a rewire kit. This is because they can open up access to certain houses, and make quests easier.

Sometimes, you require a lockpick to overcome a quest line, and it’s a hassle to head back to home base, purchase one, and then rush back to your location.

However, try not to waste your final lockpick or rewire kit on a small safe, or an insignificant unlockable.

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Keep your stake weapon handy

You can equip up to three weapons in Redfall, and change up your attacks rapidly. However, you can only kill vampires with a stake weapon, like an assault rifle, or another heavy-attack counterpart.

You must remember where this stake weapon is on your wheel so that you don’t fumble when it’s needed as vampires regenerate quickly.

Hide if you’re struggling

Vampires in Redfall are fortunately limited in movement. So, if you find yourself unable to kill a horde or a boss, ducking down inside a hole or hiding between trees, will protect you from their attacks.

Likewise, if you’re facing a Siphon vampire, hiding behind a tree will break their line of sight for siphoning, allowing you to restore your health and re-strategize.

Battle progress carries over

If you die during combat, vampires you’ve dealt damage to retain their health loss (except The Rook, and major bosses). Therefore, if you’re struggling, you can always attack, take away enemy health, die, and try again.

This is particularly helpful in single-player, as you’ll be able to advance questlines even if the game’s difficulty proves too overwhelming. You do lose cash when you die, but that shouldn’t matter too much if you’re constantly looting everything and exchanging them for money.

Run through vampire nests for resources

If you find yourself low on resources and cash, it is worthwhile to visit any of the major Vampire nests in Redfall. Sure, they do house some dangerous foes, but gunning them down is worth it as you can acquire a lot of riches in there.

Smash your way through heart containers once inside as you’ll find bags full of ammo, health, and weapons.

Complete all quests for skill points

Skill points are hard to come by in Redfall. So if you want to constantly upgrade your character, it is worth completing every side quest alongside the main ones.

You may consider leaving some for later but the game has a point of no return. So, if you move on without completing every side quest before that, you’ll lose the chance to complete them and gain valuable skill points.

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