Remnant 2: Best classes for solo players

One of the standout features of Remnant 2 and its predecessor is the co-op experience. These games, without a doubt, have the best co-op gameplay in recent years. However, not everyone has the luxury of playing with friends, for whatever reason.

Perhaps they and their friends lead busy lives and can’t always play together, or perhaps they like to game alone. Regardless, Remnant 2 is no less playable if you are playing solo, so here are five classes that are the best when it comes to solo play. 

5) Summoner

The Summoner is a secret class in Remnant 2 that can be tricky to unlock but is definitely worth the extra effort. It allows you to summon minions and aid you in battle.

While they may not be as effective as having real players on your team, they are extremely useful nonetheless. The only drawback of this class is that summoning Hollows, Flyers, or Reavers will take away some of your health which is less than ideal when playing the game alone. 

4) Invader

The Invader is Remnant 2‘s rogue/thief class, and Its skills revolve around stealth and trickery, allowing you to avoid enemies altogether. Perks like S.H.A.R.K gives you 1 second of sprint each time you evade an attack making running past groups of enemies easier.

Other perks like Void Cloak will make your character automatically perform perfect dodges. The Shadow perk deploys a decoy that will attract the aggro of enemies. The Invader class offers many such perks, making it one of the best for solo players. 

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3) Gunslinger

The Gunslinger in Remnant 2 is a pure DPS class that targets enemies at mid-range. While it may seem counterintuitive to choose a pure DPS class for soloing, as soloing usually requires a more balanced arsenal, however, the damage Gunslingers can deal more than makeup for it.

Especially when you consider their perks. For example, Loaded gives you infinite ammo, and instant reloads for a duration of time, allowing you to bring down bosses’ health bars quicker than any other class in the game. 

2) Challenger

The Challenger can be loosely thought of as the Gunslinger’s inverse. Where the Gunslingers excels at dealing damage, the Challenger excels at taking damage. It is the standard tank class of Remnant 2.

The one disadvantage Challengers have is their short range, but that hardly matters because of their insane survivability. The Die Hard perk basically makes you invincible for a short period of time during which you will also be healed, and the Juggernaut skill increases your damage and speed.

1) Engineer

The Engineer is the best class for soloing in Remnant 2 because it can do a bit of everything. Engineers use heavy armor making them quite tanky and on top of that can make use of the Fortify trait to become even more tankier.

They can also deploy turrets that will automatically target and attack enemies. The said turret can be overclocked giving them infinite ammo, and increased fire rate and damage for a short duration. The heavy firepower combined with high survivability is what gives the Engineer the number 1 spot for solo classes. 

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