Remnant 2: How to get the Archon class?

Remnant 2 has a good number of classes that all have unique abilities. The game also has a large number of secret items hidden behind a list of activities. The Archon class is what you get when you combine those two ideas as the class is perhaps the hardest thing to find in the game. 

Gunfire Games have done a great job in hiding the class and we have nothing but respect for those who have managed to find it on their own. 


The Archon archetype is intentionally buried deep within Remnant 2 and therefore will require you to unlock quite a few things before you set out to get it.

This includes items like rings, relics, armor sets, and skills; some of them will require you to unlock other archetypes as well. The said items are listed below. 

  • Fortune Hunter (Explorer’s Archetype Skill)
  • Wormhole (Invader’ Archetype Skill)
  • Realmwalker set (Armor)(Headwear, Body, Leg, and Glove Armor) 
  • Void Heart (Relic)
  • Ford’s Scattergun (Long Gun) 
  • Labyrinth Staff (Melee Weapon) 
  • Cube Gun (Handgun)
  • Zania’s Malice (Ring) 
  • Anastasija’s Inspiration (Ring) 
  • Black Cat Band (Ring)
  • Amber Moonstone (Ring)
  • Leto’s Amulet (Amulet)

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Getting the Archon archetype

After you have equipped all the required items in Remnant 2, go to the shifting portal in the Labyrinth. Wait until you see a clear sky and ledge, then walk into the portal. Wait until the platform you’re on is a little to the right of the ledge, and walk off. Gravity will be reversed, and you will begin to rise. 

A platform will form under you, and enemies will begin to spawn. Kill them and make your way to the glitched red portal, which can be found toward the rear right. 

This is where the aforementioned items will come into play. You will be able to interact with the door if you have equipped everything correctly and use the Biome Portal Key (which is obtained by beating the campaign) to open it. 

The door will take you to a maze of hallways, but before entering it you should know that you will have only 90 seconds to find an item called the Strange Box.

If you run out of time you will be kicked out of the room and will have to try again. The item can be found in the back left of the maze, but to be specific go: right, right, second left, right, left, left, right, left, right. 

There are two other items worth picking up in the room called “Gunfire Security Lanyard” and “Bisected Ring”. The former allows automatic magazines to load over time, and the latter will give you infinite stamina. You can make use of the Explorer’s Fortune Hunter skill to find them easily. 

Once you have the Strange Box, go to Wallace and craft the Hexahedron, which will require 1000 Scrap, 10 Lumenite Crystals, and of course the box. The Hexahedron is the Engram for the Archon class. 

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