Remnant 2: Tips and tricks for beginners

Remnant 2, the sequel to the well-received Remnant: From the Ashes which was popularly described as “Dark Souls, but with guns”, has finally been released after much anticipation. The game is slightly more challenging this time around and has new features along with a few tweaks here and there. It’s a challenging experience and these tips will surely help you in your adventures. 

Explore your surroundings

Remnant 2 hides a lot of useful resources in its levels in a subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle way. You will find pots, barrels, and other things in the environment that, when broken, will give you scrap and crafting materials. 

Use your stamina bar to detect enemies

It sounds ridiculous, but Remnant 2 has a new feature that gives you infinite stamina outside of combat, which allows you to run, roll, etc indefinitely as long as enemies aren’t nearby. 

This is exactly what will allow you to detect enemies that are close. While running if you’re stamina bar suddenly starts to deplete, it means there are enemies somewhere in your vicinity, so make sure to pay attention to your stamina bar even when you’re outside of combat. 

Do not ignore side dungeons

Side dungeons in Remnant 2 are indicated on the map by a white diamond. You might feel like skipping these to pursue the main story, but it’s always a good idea to explore them, as they will hold a good amount of crafting materials and scrap, and sometimes special items that may prove useful in the future. 

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Focus on upgrading only one set of weapons 

Remnant 2 offers many weapons to choose from, and it can be tempting to switch to the cool-looking weapon that you recently unlocked, but sadly, there is a lack of abundance of scrap and upgrade materials in the game. 

Generally, you only come across just enough resources to upgrade two weapons in one playthrough, therefore it’s better to stick to the one set of weapons during your first playthrough.

Use the backstep mechanic

There are two ways to dodge in Remnant 2: the roll and the backstep. Everybody is familiar with the dodge roll, but most of us tend to forget about the backstep which is rather useful. To perform a backstep simply press the dodge button without moving in any direction. 

The specialty of the backstep is that it is much quicker than a regular dodge roll and also takes slightly less stamina. It’s great for avoiding combos, especially in tight spaces. Additionally, it can be followed up with a unique melee attack that differs from melee weapon to melee weapon. 

Use elemental attacks against armored enemies

Armored enemies can be a pain to deal with in Remnant 2, but with the right mods can be just as easy as regular enemies. They take reduced damage from physical attacks, which is indicated by gray damage numbers. Now, you can shoot different parts of the enemy to deal more damage or continuously attack their armor to break it, but elemental attacks are the best way to deal with them if you had access to the mods. 

Mods like Acid Shot and Hot Shot can make quick work of armored enemies, turning them from formidable foes to cannon fodder. 

Do not hesitate to use consumables

Consumables are rarer in Remnant 2 than they were in the first game, and the scrap you get is quite low too so buying consumables is out of the question and when you do find some in the world you may feel like “saving them for more important situations.”

While there is nothing wrong with this logic, not using them may be what is stopping you from getting through a hard boss or a section of the game, so do not hesitate to use them. 

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