Resident Evil 4 Remake: All handguns ranked and how to get them?

Resident Evil 4 Remake offers players a variety of weapons to kill enemies with. Among them, handguns are some of the most convenient ones to use as their ammo is in abundance and they have decent power and range.

There are five handguns in total and here’s how they stack up against each other. 

5) SG-09 R

The SG-09 R is the first handgun you get in Resident Evil 4 Remake and therefore doesn’t cost anything. Being a starting gun, it doesn’t have noteworthy features in particular, making it rather basic.

However, that doesn’t stop it from being useful, and upgrading it will turn it into a very competent weapon, but since there are better handguns in the game, it doesn’t make sense to use this till the end. 

Power: 1-2

Precision: 4

Ammo capacity: 10-18 

Reload Speed: 1-1.4

Fire Rate: 1-1.52

Exclusive Perk: 5x crit rate 

4) Matilda

The Matilda is a small handgun with a very fast fire rate. In fact, it is the fastest-firing handgun in the game. Coupled with the fact that it has the highest ammo capacity among handguns, it becomes a very good option to use in your playthrough.

It will also shoot three bullets in a burst if attached to a stock. This handgun is available for purchase in the merchant’s shop from Chapter 9 and costs 10 Spinels. 

Power: 1.3-2

Precision: 3.5

Ammo capacity: 18-30

Reload Speed: 1-1.4 

Fire Rate: 0.96-1.63

Exclusive Perk: 2x ammo capacity 

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3) Punisher

The Punisher is the second handgun that becomes available to you in the game, and while it does have lesser power compared to the starting one, it makes up for it in three ways.

It has the highest precision out of all handguns in Resident Evil 4 Remake, has the second highest ammo capacity, and can shoot through enemies essentially conserving your ammo by hitting two enemies if lined up right. 

The Punisher can be bought from the merchant from Chapter 2 onwards for 6 Spinels. 

Power: 0.9-1.9

Precision: 4.5

Ammo capacity: 12-25

Reload Speed: 1.1-1.5

Fire Rate: 1.05-1.91

Exclusive Perk: 5x penetration

2) Blacktail 

The Blacktail can be thought of as a better version of the starting handgun, as it too doesn’t have any stand-out qualities. It’s a well-balanced gun and you really can’t go wrong if you go for this one. 

The one drawback though is its ammo capacity. With only 9 rounds per magazine (without upgrading) it has the second lowest ammo capacity among handguns and therefore upgrading that should be your first priority.

The merchant will have the Blacktail among his other wares from Chapter 7 and it will cost you quite a bit. Costing 24,000 Pesetas, the Blacktail is one of the more expensive handguns in Resident Evil 4 Remake, so make sure to save up if you’re looking to buy this handgun. 

Power: 1.4-2.4

Precision: 4.2

Ammo capacity: 9-13

Reload Speed: 1.2-1.6

Fire Rate: 1.19-2.2

Exclusive Perk: 1.5x power

1) Red9

Considered by many to be the best handgun in the game, the Red9 is a good option for both long-range and short-range combat as it has the highest power.

Combine that with how abundant the ammo for handguns is, the Red9 becomes a great choice for a main weapon. It does leave more to be desired when it comes to fire rate, ammo capacity, and reload speed, but the sheer damage of the Red9 after upgrades makes up for it.

Obtaining the Red9 takes more work than just purchasing it from the merchant. In Chapter 4, when you gain full access to the lake (and the boat) head to the wrecked ship in the center of the lake and search for a chest in the front of part of the boat. Inside will be the Red9. 

Power: 1.5-2.7

Precision: 3

Ammo capacity: 8-16

Reload Speed: 0.85-1.25

Fire Rate: 0.9-1.26

Exclusive Perk: 1.5x power

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