Resident Evil 4 Remake: All Merchant requests explained

Resident Evil 4 Remake, the remake of Capcom’s renowned survival horror game has a variety of side activities in form of merchant requests for players to engage in and earn rewards. These requests will have you do a myriad of things from looting golden eggs to killing tough enemies. Here’s how to complete every one of them. 

Note: The Blue Medallion request isn’t included in this article. If you are looking for a guide for the Blue Medallion requests, click here

Pest Control 

The very first Pest Control side quest takes place in the Abandoned Factory where you will have to kill 3 rats. Completing this will give you 3 Spinels. While following the main story you will come across a stealth tutorial during which you should encounter three rats. 

  • The first rat will be at the turning point of the hallway where there is an oil spill and you can jump over the wall in the middle. 
  • The second rat will be present in the middle of the Abandoned Factory, next to the windows close to the bear trap and the door you roll under to retrieve your gear. 
  • The third and final rat will be located in the same area as the previous rat and can be found near the furnaces

More Pest Control

This one takes place in the Grand Hall and Library where you will have to kill 3 rats which will reward you with 3 Spinels much like the first one. The first two rats can be killed while you’re searching for the statue heads, but to get to the third one you will have to progress until you gain access to the library. 

  • You can find the first rat around the entrance to the Dining Hall and would probably be running about the place. 
  • The second rat will be in the corridor connecting the Grand Hall and the Armory. 
  • The third one can be found in the corridor with the animal heads mounted on the wall leading to the Library. You will have to progress until chapter 10 to be able to get to the third rat. 

Even More Pest Control

The final Pest Control side quest takes place in the Waste Disposal Area with four rats instead of three this time and killing them will reward you with 3 Spinel. It’s worth using the infrared scope which you might have obtained by now as it helps in spotting the rats. 

  • The first rat will be located on the bridge that Ashley raises for you. 
  • The second rat will be near the mound of garbage bags from where the regenerator comes. 
  • The third one will be close to the previous one and could be found on the northern edge of the platform. 
  • The fourth and final rat will be located close by the entrance of the Waste Disposal, right of the calibration puzzle. 

Viper Hunter

In this request, you will have to hunt down 3 snakes in return for 4 Spinel. There is no specified area, but the snakes are easily found in the Fish Farm. There are four places where you can definitely spot these snakes.

  • One viper can be found in front of the shack after you walk up to the first ramp. 
  • Another one can be found on the wooden ramp near the middle of the Fish Farm. 
  • In the northern part of the area, you can find another viper swimming in the water. 
  • A fourth viper can be found near the shack with the boat fuel which is located in the far western part of the Fish Farm. 

Grave Robber

This is a rather simple request. You will need to hear to the graveyard in front of the church and look for two tombstones, both with an engraving inside a circle. These twin tombstones can be found directly in front of a fallen tree located near the center of the graveyard. You can shoot or stab these tombstones after which the merchant will reward you with 2 Spinels. 

Egg Hunt 

In this request, you will need to find a golden chicken egg and sell it to the merchant for a reward of 3 Spinel and 9000 Pesetas. There are only two locations where you can find the only two golden eggs in the entire game making them quite rare. 

The first one can be found on the small island on the far east side of the lake. You can sail there with the boat you unlock after chapter 4. Once you dock your boat you go to the chicken farm where you will find the golden egg. It can be hard to spot so try crouching to find the egg. 

The second one can be found in the Castle’s throne room. Go to the right of the altar in the throne room to find a locked treasure. Unlock it with the cubic device to obtain a golden egg. 

Catch Me a Big Fish

In this request, you will have to catch a large fish called the Lunker Bass in the Lake. Completing this will reward you with 4 Spinels. Sail to the Boat House located in the southeastern part of the lake.

In front of the Boat House, you will find a large fish swimming in the water. Slay the fish with a harpoon/spear and collect it. Make sure you have enough space in your inventory as this one occupies quite a bit of space. 

A Savage Mutt

This request can be completed after the section in the story where you escape the castle with Ashley. You will return to the village after this during which you must go to the Village Chief’s Manor. Completing this request will give you a generous reward of 8 Spinels. 

Enter the room on the upper floor of the Manor and activate the mechanism behind a wall with a crack. A ladder will drop down from the article and command Ashley to pull it down.

Climb the ladder and loot everything, but remember to take the Clockwork Castellan and return to the main path to the village. Here you will find a large dog on the other side of the gate (inside the village). 

You can fight the dog however you like but it’s better to use a shotgun and explosives. 

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Merciless Knight 

You will have to slay the Merciless Knight who is located in the Mausoleum. He will be backed by two other knights in steel armor. 

Make sure you have a combat knife ready as you will have to parry a lot. Focus on the lesser knights first and target the parts where the parasite is exposed.

Shoot them with a gun and then quickly melee them to expose the parasite. Then throw a grenade when the parasites are exposed to finish the two knights. 

Now you can focus all your attention on the golden knight. Since the parasites on this one aren’t that exposed, the best course of action would be to bait and attack and parry them.

When you parry the attacks, the knight gets stunned for a short moment during which you can go around and shoot the parasite. Completing this will give you 8 Spinels like the Savage Mutt request. 

Insect Hive

This request can be completed in Chapter 11. You will have to shoot at 4 Hive entrances for 4 Spinels. The hive portion of the map will be accessible after the mine cart section where you have Luis accompanying you. 

This part of the map is straightforward and you can find all four of the Hive entrances as you traverse the area. Just know that the Hives have a yellow glow in case you are unable to spot them. 

Jewel Thief 

To complete this request you will have to find a scratched emerald that rests inside a crow’s nest in the Courtyard. Completing this will reward you with 3 Spinels. 

To complete this go to the hallway between the Courtyard and the Wine cellar, which is close to where the Merchant’s shop and the typewriter are. Face the stars on the northern side and look for a bird’s nest. The nest will be resting on a small roof which you will have to shoot down to get the emerald to drop. 

The Disgrace of the Salazar Family

This request will reward you with 4 Spinels. To complete this request you will have to ‘disgrace’ the portrait of Ramon Salazar.

Head to the throne room in the castle where you will find two chickens. Wait for one of them to lay an egg and pick it up and throw it at the painting. 

Wandering Dead 

This request can be done in chapter 14 in the Incubation Lab. When you return to the Incubation Lab you will find a different-looking regenerator with spikes protruding from its body and two other enemies accompanying it.

On your path to the Incubation Lab, there is a lab inside which you can instruct Ashley to hide to make things easier. 

Keep in mind if you fail to hit its weak points, a bunch of spikes will be hurled toward you. Use the infrared sensor and shoot at it from afar. Do not think of throwing an explosive as the tubes in the lab will shatter releasing more regenerators for you to fight off. 

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