Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to make quick money?

Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 Remake is finally out and has received critical acclaim. Featuring reworked visuals, plot, characters, and gameplay mechanics, the game has sold over three million copies in two days.

However, like in any other game, there are things to buy for upgrading your character, and making in-game currency isn’t the easiest of tasks. Here are a few ways to make quick money in Resident Evil 4 Remake and buy out the Merchant’s plentiful inventory.

Buy treasure maps

Each of the three areas that the game takes place in has a dedicated treasure map. You can buy these from the Merchant using Spinel which you earn by completing the Blue Request Note side quests.

You can gain enough Spinel and access the first treasure map after completing the first two side quests. This allows you to loot every chest from a specific area as you pass through it.

Shoot crows for loot

Resident Evil 4 Remake allows you to find loot in unlikely ways, one of which is to shoot crows. Use your crossbow to kill the birds and they drop crafting items, ammo, and money.

The crossbow is handy for this as it won’t cause nearby birds to fly away, allowing you to get more of them. Furthermore, in areas where there are multiple birds clustered together, you can throw a flash grenade to take them out at once and loot away.

Sell treasures

As you collect treasures and trinkets on your journey, be sure to sell your loot to the Merchant for money. However, be careful when you make these transactions as you may be missing out on huge bonuses.

Read item descriptions while selling and unload all that say “For Selling Only”. However, when it comes to gemstones, you might want to keep them for extra cash.

You can insert these gems into other objects and increase their value when you trade them. Keep an eye on the Gemstones Bonuses list to see which combinations will yield maximum profit, and go through a bit of trial and error to make the most of your sale.

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Sell older weapons

Once your inventory becomes crowded with weapons, it is financially beneficial to sell the older or unused ones to the Merchant for extra cash. Fortunately, you will get back most of the money spent on upgrading the weapon as well.

Sure, you will incur a small loss on every weapon sale, but trading multiple older weapons at once will yield a huge monetary boost.

Sell healing items

Similar to weapons, you can sell healing mixes, herbs, and food items to the Merchant for cash. Interestingly, the fewer of these you have in your inventory, the more likely you are to loot them from corpses.

However, it is a slightly risky maneuver as being short on healing supplies can be problematic in tricky situations.

Unlock small-key containers

During your gameplay, you will come across boxes that can only be opened with small keys. These contain valuable treasures, but there is a caveat.

The small keys don’t appear on the minimap even after purchasing the treasure maps. You will have to explore to find them or go through a guide revealing their locations.

Shoot silver lanterns

Another unique way to discover treasure in the game is by shooting hanging silver lanterns. These show up after purchasing the treasure maps and can even be heard creaking in the wind if you listen closely.

These lanterns are worth finding and shooting as they yield expensive treasures like pearl pendants.

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