Reverse: 1999 tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Reverse: 1999 is a strategy turn-based RPG set in an alternative 20th century where players assume the role of a Timekeeper, an elite temporal observer with the power to harness the Arcanum’s abilities for extraordinary feats. This guide offers tips for newcomers to the game.

Understand the Afflatus System

The Afflatus system in Reverse: 1999 is the game’s elemental system.

It features six elements: Beast, Plant, Mineral, Spirit, Star, and Intellect, each with its weaknesses and strengths. For example, Star Afflatus is weak against Plant but strong against Mineral. Understanding these dynamics is crucial for success in combat, especially in difficult fights.

Character Placements Make a Huge Difference

Character placement is vital in Reverse: 1999. Placing your characters randomly on the board can be inefficient. Characters on the left side are more likely to combine their skills in the first turn, offering a strategic advantage.

Place characters with high burst damage on the right, as they will have more time to charge their ultimate.

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Support Characters Are Vital

Support characters, such as healers, shielders, buffers, and debuffers, are essential in Reverse: 1999, especially against challenging enemies.

Healers restore team health, shielders protect against attacks, and buffers and debuffs alter team and enemy stats, respectively. Include support characters in your team to increase your chances of victory.

Complete Daily Missions

Daily missions in Reverse: 1999 offer valuable rewards and reset every day, providing a variety of benefits. These missions are time-efficient and can yield rewards ranging from Coins to Unilogs. Ensure you complete them daily to maximize your gains.

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