Rider Worlds tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Rider Worlds is an endless runner that revolves around doing stunts in neon-lit tracks with cool vehicles that glow. While endless runners are a dime a dozen, Rider Worlds does manage to stand out well.

The game’s aforementioned neon graphics do well to set it apart from the generic temple-run clones, and the 2D side-scrolling camera coupled with extremely simple controls helps make the game feel unique. 

However, the simple controls don’t make the game easy by any means, and players will crash more than a few times. So here are a handful of tips that will surely help you get better at the game. 

Choose the right vehicle

There are several vehicles in Rider Worlds, 40 to be exact. While they primarily act as cosmetic items, they do have slightly different stats which can make a world of difference depending on what kind of player you are. 

Certain vehicles have higher flipping speeds and others go faster. Little differences like this may decide whether you will crash while trying to land or not. Using a vehicle you are comfortable with will let you earn points faster and more importantly let you have more fun playing the game. 

Collect all the diamonds and rubies

While this is very obvious, you must acquire diamonds and rubies as much as you can while playing Rider Worlds as they act as currency which you can spend on items like vehicles and trails later on. While the rate at which you accumulate them may seem slow and thus futile, you should nonetheless get them whenever you can. 

Rubies especially are immensely useful as you can spend them on revives. Spending a few rubies on a revive when you were close to beating your high score is worth it. 

Additionally, you will eventually come across letters in that spell out “bonus” which you should get. When you collect all of those letters you will be rewarded with a massive… well, bonus. 

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Don’t forget to let go of the accelerator

The simple controls are one of the main reasons why Rider Worlds is so much fun. All you have to do is tap and hold the screen to accelerate your vehicle and perform flips.

This can make it very tempting to just hold and never let go of the accelerator as you watch your vehicle zoom forward and spin in the air. Panic may also cause one to not let go of the pedal. 

It needn’t be said how dangerous this is as not letting go of the pedal will inevitably cause you to crash. It’s important to have a calm mind while playing this game.

Do flips only if you’re sure of landing 

Performing as many flips as you can is extremely important in Rider Worlds as it is how you earn points. Furthermore, the amount of points you get multiplied if you perform flips and jumps consecutively. So It’s self-explanatory how important flips are, however, do not only focus on doing them. 

Most, if not all crashes in Rider Worlds will be due to performing one too many jumps. While they are vital for progression, what you should focus on more is landing. So make sure to perform flips only when you’re confident of landing. 

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