Rise of the Ronin: Everything we know about the game

Rise of the Ronin, an upcoming video game, is set to be a landmark release for the PlayStation 5, scheduled for launch in 2024.

Developed by Team Ninja, known for their expertise in action RPGs, this game is drawing attention for its unique setting, gameplay mechanics, and narrative depth.

Setting and story

The game is set in the late Edo period of Japan, a tumultuous time marked by social, political, and international upheavals.

This era, known as Bakumatsu, witnessed the end of Japan’s isolationist policies and the beginning of modernization.

The storyline of Rise of the Ronin is set in 1863, just five years before the fall of the Tokugawa Shogunate and the rise of the Meiji Restoration.

It was an era characterized by civil war and the clash of traditional Japanese values with Western influences.

Players will step into the shoes of a Ronin, a masterless samurai, exploring this critical revolution in Japanese history.

The game aims to portray this period with historical authenticity, even delving into some of the darker and more controversial aspects of the era​​​​.


Rise of the Ronin combines elements of different game genres.

It is described as an open-world action RPG, drawing comparisons to games like Dark Souls, Assassin’s Creed, and Ghost of Tsushima.

Players can expect a comprehensive range of period-accurate weapons, including traditional Japanese swords and firearms, catering to various combat styles.

The combat system itself is intricate, incorporating long and short-range engagements with mechanics such as parries and backstabs, characteristic of the genre.

A key aspect of the game will be its emphasis on player agency, with the storyline adapting and evolving based on the player’s decisions.

These include romance options, allowing players to develop relationships within the game.

Additionally, the game will offer several modes of traversal to navigate its expansive world.

Players can travel on horseback for speed, utilize a grappling hook for vertical exploration, and even soar across the skies with a glider.

Rise of the Ronin will also feature traditional side quests that promise to add depth and additional content beyond the main storyline.

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Features and development

The game is set to offer an engaging and diverse gameplay experience, tailored to immerse players in its vividly recreated late Edo-period Japan.

It will feature an extensive open-world environment (Team Ninja’s most ambitious one yet), allowing players to explore a historical setting rich in detail and atmosphere.

The game will also have a performance mode, designed to optimize gameplay on the PS5 for a smoother and more responsive experience​​.

Release date

Pre-orders for the game opened on December 14, 2023, and the game will be available on March 22, 2024.

There will be two versions in Japan, Cero D and Cero Z, due to the content’s violence level.

The Digital Deluxe edition will include additional in-game content such as unique weapons and armor sets​​​​.

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