Rocket League Sideswipe tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Rocket League needs no introduction, as it stands as one of the most prominent competitive multiplayer games. The developers at Psyonix have extended the game’s reach to mobile devices through Rocket League Sideswipe, a condensed version of the game.

Rocket League Sideswipe boasts several differences from the original, with the most significant being its 2D gameplay. However, this alteration does not diminish the action and thrill; the game remains just as skill-demanding.

While the majority of the game is intuitive, courtesy of its excellent design, there are a few key aspects that new players will greatly benefit from knowing in advance. Therefore, we’ve compiled some tips and tricks to provide valuable assistance to newcomers.

Kick-offs are vital

There are numerous factors to consider when striving to excel at Rocket League Sideswipe. While each of these factors holds its own importance, one of the most crucial aspects to master is kick-offs.

In Rocket League Sideswipe, the initial moments of a match revolve around a race to reach the ball first and execute a successful shot. Naturally, you aim to secure the first contact with the ball, as it can significantly tilt the match’s balance of power in your favor.

If you have already honed your shooting skills, a successful kick-off often translates into a goal. Of course, this outcome also hinges on your opponent’s proficiency, but regardless of the circumstances, kick-offs are an aspect of the game worthy of dedicated practice.

Flips are useful

In Rocket League Sideswipe, you have extensive control over your car, enabling you to perform various actions such as jumping, flying, and executing backflips. Among these maneuvers, flips prove to be particularly valuable.

Aside from the aesthetic appeal they offer, flips serve an exceptionally practical purpose when it comes to striking the ball. Although your initial inclination might be to rely on boost for shooting the ball, flips are a far more effective choice for this task. Additionally, you can execute flips at your discretion, unlike boosts, which deplete the boost gauge upon use.

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Lower your graphics

The game isn’t particularly demanding in terms of graphics, but if you’re playing on a high-performance mobile device, it’s worth considering a reduction in graphical settings.

Lowering the game’s graphics settings can significantly improve your overall performance, resulting in a higher frame rate. Maintaining maximum FPS is crucial for competitive play and can provide a substantial advantage.

To adjust the graphics settings in Rocket League Sideswipe, navigate to the game settings located in the top right corner of the home screen. From there, access the Graphics menu and select “Low” under Quality Presets.

Enable the jump boost button

When you initially begin playing Rocket League Sideswipe, you’ll notice two additional movement controls alongside the joystick: the jump and boost buttons, which allow you to perform jumping and boosting actions, respectively.

While mastering these controls will undoubtedly improve your gameplay, you may still find yourself trailing behind other skilled players if you’re not utilizing a specific button hidden within the game’s settings.

This hidden gem is the jump-boost button, which enables you to execute both a jump and a boost simultaneously, providing enhanced maneuverability. To activate this button, follow these steps: access the settings menu located at the top right corner of the home screen and select “Configure.”

This action will take you to a screen featuring a red button at the bottom, alongside the standard jump and boost buttons. Simply tap the red button and check the “Enable” option to make it available for use in your matches.

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