Round8 Studio’s ‘Lies Of P’ gets release window

South Korean developer Round8 Studio’s highly anticipated souls-like game, Lies of P finally has a release window. A trailer for the game was shown at IGN Fan Fest 2023, which also revealed the game’s release to be in August this year. 

Lies of P is an upcoming souls-like action RPG, where you play as Pinocchio, who is in search of a man named Mr. Geppetto. You will traverse the world of Krat, fighting mechanoid enemies and unveiling the mysteries of the world.

The game will come out on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Xbox Game Pass.

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In the cinematic trailer a man, who seems to be the main villain of the game, can be heard monologuing in the background while the audience is shown the creation of a grotesque monster made of bronze and flesh called Ergo. 

Gamers are jokingly calling the game Bloodborne 2 in the comment section of the trailer on YouTube due to its excessive similarities to the game.

Check out the official gameplay trailer:

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