Sands Of Aura tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Sands of Aura is a top-down souls-like game with a rich open world to explore and fight enemies in. Developed by Chashu Entertainment, this game sets itself apart quite well despite how saturated the soul-like genre has become today. Here are a handful of tips and tricks for newcomers. 

Get good at parrying 

If you’ve played other souls-like games, you may already know how important parrying is.

Getting good at parrying is crucial in Sands of Aura, a challenging game with formidable enemies. One of the quickest ways to defeat them is by landing critical hits.

While critical hits are random, there are methods to achieve guaranteed criticals. Parrying and then executing a riposte immediately afterward is one such method.

When you successfully parry an enemy, they get stunned for a few moments, allowing you to perform a special attack.

This attack significantly reduces the enemy’s health and, in most cases, is enough to kill them outright. So, practice parrying and master it.

Hit enemies from behind

Remember, another method for guaranteed critical hits in Sands of Aura is to attack enemies from behind.

Striking enemies from behind also deals massive damage to their health bar, making it an effective way to quickly eliminate them.

However, be aware that you’re also more susceptible to increased damage when attacked from behind. While it’s beneficial to hit enemies from behind, stay cautious of the same risk posed to you.

Equip good armor and runes 

Equipping strong armor and runes is an obvious yet vital strategy in Sands of Aura.

It not only boosts your HP, which is clearly advantageous but also increases your poise in proportion to your max HP.

This means that when you block attacks with your shield, you’ll be able to absorb more hits with higher max HP. Therefore, ensure you’re equipped with robust armor and runes to enhance your health.

Have a few echoing bells on you at all times 

Always have a few Echoing Bells in your inventory. In Sands of Aura, Echoing Bells allow you to return to the last Bell or resting spot used, while also letting you keep all the Glint you’ve collected.

They are invaluable when you find yourself in tough situations or places and don’t want to lose your Glint.

You can purchase Echoing Bells from Galiana. Additionally, if you don’t have an Echoing Bell, you can use the Red Skull from your inventory. It serves the same purpose as the Echoing Bell, but you won’t retain your Glint.

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