Sea of Thieves: How to access Monkey Island?

The highly anticipated Sea of Thieves crossover with the legendary Monkey Island franchise has finally been added to the game. However, accessing this piece of content is quite tricky and this guide will lead you to it.

A Pirate’s Life campaign

To reach Monkey Island in Sea of Thieves, you will first have to start the Tall Tale campaign called “A Pirate’s Life.” You can do this by going to any outpost or right from the main menu. 

Progress through the Tall Tale until you reach the main pirate town. If you’re confused about whether you have reached it or not, it will be covered in a green glow and will have a lot of wrecked ships and a massive lighthouse. 

Finding Captain Bones’ Special Recipe

When you land on the island in Sea of Thieves, you will need to free Captain Bones. To do so, follow the pathway forward and light the nearby brazier located up the stairs. This will open the gate which will lead to the pirate town on the island. 

After you walk through the gate, listen and follow the Cursed Captain’s voice and you will reach them and see them hanging from a cage. To the left will be a pirate ship which you will have to climb. Continue along the walkway until you see a mast that you can cross. 

Cross the mast, drop down into the water, and continue forward until you arrive at a pulley system. Use the pulley to go up and see the locked Captain’s Quarters. 

Look for another pulley system that can be used to raise some cargo. Jump onto the cargo and then onto the shipwreck across.

When you land, you will see a pulley that will pull the platform farthest from you. Pull it so that it is just within jumping range. If done correctly a second platform to the right will be accessible. 

Jump to the platform and then onto the one on the right. Just next to it should be a tiny path that leads to a cave. Inside the cave will be Captain Bones’ Special Recipe. Take the recipe and leave it on the ship. 

Climb the mast from which the Cursed Captain’s cage is hanging and use your sword to drop it down. Now, take the recipe and leave it by the cage to look inside to find the captain’s skull. 

To the right of the cage will be a Tavern. Enter the tavern and head to the back part to find a pulley on the left. Use it to drop the chandelier on the floor. In the chandelier will be the cage key. Retrieve the key and free the captain. 

Poor Dougie

Head towards the ship with a green glow and red sails. Follow the trail of gold until you reach the burial site with a single lantern. 

Dig up the grave to reveal Poor Dougie’s body, light the lantern and listen to Dougie if you wish. He has a key on his chest, but will only give it to you if you find a treasure for him. 

To find the treasure, head back to the Cursed Captain’s cage and turn left this time. Look for a wooden path and follow it to the back of a ship, inside which you will find a skeleton sleeping on a bed.

In the same room, look for a pulley on the left and use it to pull the curtains, then exit through the right and climb the stairs. 

Light the three lanterns and return inside to move the skeleton’s arm, which will reveal a treasure map in the magnifying glass. 

Make your way back to the tavern, but stop when you see a fork. Dig in the middle of the fork to find the treasure. Give the treasure to Poor Dougie and he will give you a key to open the chest to reveal Poor Dougie’s Medallion. 

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Poor Dougie’s Medallion

Take the medallion back to the Cursed Captain’s cage and place it beside it. Then take the recipe as well as the medallion with you. Head back to the fork and take the left path this time which will lead you to two skeleton pirates playing chess. 

Light the candle on the table with your lantern and wait. The skeleton on the right will realize its tankard is empty. Use the recipe to fill it. 

The skeletons will begin to fight and the right one will get its head blown off by the left one. Put the Cursed Captain’s skull on the chess table along with the medallion. Then place the skull on the right skeleton. 

The right skeleton, now Cursed Captain will win the match earning the ship’s key to unlock the Captain’s Quarters we saw in the beginning. 

Heading to the Monkey Island 

Enter the Captain’s Quarters using the key. Change the sail’s angle to as right as possible and take the Cursed Captain’s skull to the lighthouse. Here light the brazier in the lighthouse and the three found on the cliff to summon the Ferry of the Damned. 

Redirect the Lighthouse’s light to the right until you pass the red sailed ship. Aim the light downward as far as possible, then slowly move the light right, until it lights up a brazier. This will set off a trail of green torches. 

Now, head back to the start of the pirate town and you will see a sign that reads “Sailor’s Grave” to the right of which a stone bridge lies. Cross the stone bridge and ahead will lie The Headless Monkey wreckage. 

Inside the wreckage will lie Kate Capsize’s journals, which upon reading will tell you what became of her. Thus, begins the Sea of Thieves and Monkey Island crossover.

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