Soul Knight Prequel tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Soul Knight Prequel is a top-down action RPG developed by ChillyRoom and is a prequel to their massively successful roguelike Soul Knight.

The game doesn’t follow its predecessor’s roguelike format instead, it goes for a more dungeon-crawler-type gameplay.

Here are a few tips and tricks for beginners to help them get started. 

Don’t forget to empty your backpack

In Soul Knight Prequel, more often than not, you will have a full or nearly full inventory, full of items and armor that you would’ve picked up in your prior adventures.

In your enthusiasm to continue playing the game, you may forget to empty your inventory, which will result in you having to drop items to pick up new ones.

This is obviously bad as you may have to choose between which useful items to keep in your inventory.

However, more importantly, you won’t be able to sell all the extra useless items for money, making you lose out on some easy cash.

If you see a message that reads “equipment backpack almost full” before you enter a map, then it’s time to empty out your inventory.

You can either store the items in chests or sell them to vendors for some quick and easy money. You could also dismantle some items to get fragments.

You can reset skill points

If you ever accidentally upgrade the wrong skills or feel like changing your build, worry not, as you can reset your skill points.

Progress through Soul Knight Prequel, and eventually, you will unlock an NPC who will reset your skill points for gold.

The NPC will wear a big, pointy white hat with a golden trim.

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Make use of the Engineer

Now, suppose you had no other choice but to drop a really good item you would’ve loved to have, but you dropped it because it wasn’t as valuable as the others in your inventory.

Worry not, as Soul Knight Prequel does provide you with a solution in the form of the Engineer.

He is an NPC who will collect all the items you had left behind and come into town with them. However, know that you will have to spend gold to get the desired item back.

You cannot pause the game

While playing Soul Knight Prequel, if you get an itch you really have to scratch or someone calls you for something, know that you cannot pause the game.

While you can certainly go to your inventory, the game will not be paused and will still be running in the background.

In other words, enemies can hit you in the background.

So if you enter the character sheet or inventory menu in hopes of pausing the game, know that you can still die.

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