Square Enix releases new Dragon Quest Treasures teaser

Square Enix has released a new teaser trailer for the mysterious RPG Dragon Quest Treasures. 

When it was first announced, Dragon Quest Treasures was described as a role-playing game. In the year following, the mysterious description has remained unanswered, leaving Dragon Quest fans perplexed.

However, with the confirmation of Dragon Quest 12 being developed and with the reveal of a teaser for Treasures, that might change soon.

The teaser includes small peeks of in-engine cinematics and it shows a cake and fireworks party, a train in the sky, a pink cat with batwings and a green piglet with dragonfly wings, and one more notable sight of something greater.

The teaser trailer ends with what appears to be an overlook over a portion of the map of Dragon Quest Treasures, and by the looks of it, the map is huge.

The map comprises a metropolis floating in the midst of a big, broken eggshell, and an equally massive dragon’s head and spine are covered with the explorable territory.

In addition to this, behind the eggshell, a third body of water can be observed. There’s also a snowy landscape with a massive tree on the lower right.

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The teaser is quite short and does not reveal too much about the game itself, however, the trailer does reveal that Square Enix is expected to reveal Dragon Quest Treasures in its entirety at a future occasion.

Fans are in an eager wait to learn more about the game, such as what platforms it will be available for and exactly what type of RPG the game is set out to be, but Square Enix is asking the fans to have a bit more patience.

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