Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: Best skills to acquire in the game

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor offers players a vast collection of skills to choose from. The sheer number of them can be overwhelming for some and the last thing any Jedi would want to do is spend their skill points on something they hardly find useful. Therefore, here’s a list of the best skills to get in the game. 

Survival skills 


  • Survival Skills: The Survival skills chain is mandatory as it increases your max health. The basic Survival Skills cost 1 skill point and the upgraded variants (Improved Survival Skills and Expert Survival Skills) cost 2 skill points each. 
  • Improved and Perfected Stim Formula: These skills are also equally important as they increase the health you recover when you use a stim canister. Both the variants of this skill cost 2 points each. 
  • Teamwork: This skill decreases the time taken to heal, or should we say increases the speed of the healing animation. Regardless, it’s a very useful skill to have in a game like Jedi: Survivor where combat revolves around timing. This skill costs 1 skill point. 
  • Focused Sight: While not an absolute must-have skill, Focused Sight can be useful for newcomers to the Jedi franchise. This skill will make Cal dodge incoming attacks automatically as long as your holding the circle/X button. 

Force skills

Jedi Concentration

  • Attunement: The Attunement skill chain increases your maximum force which will be especially useful early and mid-game. The basic Attunement skill costs 1 skill point and its better variants (Lucid and Enlightened Attunement) cost 2 skill points each. 
  • Greater and Extended Hold: This skill costs 1 skill point and increases the duration of Slow’s effect on enemies. The Extended Hold skill costs 3 skills points but is worth every single one of them as it allows you to strike an enemy once without breaking Slow’s effect.
  • Channeled Energy: You will regain more Force after defeating an enemy and you will also regain some force when you hit a blocking enemy. This skill is quite cheap for what it offers at 1 skill point. 


  • Radial and Howling Push: Both these skills improve the Push ability drastically. Radial Push 1 skill point while Howling Push costs 2 skill points. 


  • Addled and Confounded Mind: These abilities increase the duration of time during which enemies attack each other while Confused. Addled Mind costs 1 skill point and Confounded Mind costs 2 skill points.
  • Greater Confusion: You can Confuse one more enemy. This skill costs 1 skill point.
  • Superior Confusion: You can Confuse otherwise resistant humanoid enemies. This skill costs 2 skill points. 
  • Confusion Mastery: This skill allows you to Confuse even the most resistant humanoid enemies and it costs 2 skill points. 

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Lightsaber skills 

Since players have different playstyles the usefulness of some Lightsaber skills will vary from player to player. Nonetheless here are some Lightsaber skills that most players might find useful. 


  • Dash Strike: This skill, as the name suggests, will allow you to do a dash and strike an enemy who is not within normal melee rage. It costs 2 skill points. 

Double Blades

  • Double Orbit: You can do a second Lightsaber Throw around Cal. This skill costs 1 skill point. 
  • Endless Hurricane: This skill will allow you to do more attacks at the end of the attack chain. It costs 1 skill point. 

Dual Wield 

  • Backstep Slash: You will perform a strike and immediately leap backward creating distance between you and the enemy. This skill costs 1 skill point. 
  • Dancing Blades: You will throw both lightsabers that will bounce between multiple enemies and deal huge damage. This skill costs 3 skill points. 


  • Blaster Cooldown: You will regain ammunition with each strike you land with a lightsaber on an enemy. This skill costs 1 skill point.
  • Point Blank: You can blast an enemy away by pressing triangle/Y just before an enemy hits you. This skill costs 1 skill point. 


  • Rending Strike: You will perform a single strike that does high damage. This skill costs 1 skill point. 
  • Sundering Swipe: You will perform a wide, sweeping attack that can hit many enemies. This skill costs 2 skill points. 

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