Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: New Game+ explained

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, like most of today’s action-adventure games, has a New Game+ mode which the game calls Journey+. In it, you will be able to experience the game while retaining most of your character progress. There are a few new things that will only be accessible in Journey+ as well. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

How to start Journey+? 

To start Journey+ in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you will have to complete the story on any difficulty. Once you do, open the main menu and you will be able to select an option called “Start a New Journey+”. Upon selecting it you will be able to choose which difficulty you want to play the new mode on. 

New Perks

You will have access to three new Perks in Journey+; Purity, Warrior, and Trendsetter. 


When you begin Journey+ the Warrior Perk will already be equipped. It increases the difficulty of the game by mixing and replacing regular enemies with harder ones. 


Purity is an interesting Perk and something you should equip if you think Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s combat is too easy. It essentially makes Cal a glass cannon and increases the damage he and his friends deal but also does the same for the enemies. 


While the previous two Perks make the game harder, the Trendsetter Perk lightens things up a bit by randomizing Cal’s cosmetics every time he dies. Keep in mind, it only randomizes between the cosmetics you have already unlocked. 

New Lightsaber colors 

Along with new Perks, you will also get two new blades for your Lightsaber(s). The first is the infamous Red Blade with which you can embrace the dark side. The other is called the Party Blade which changes color after every attack. 

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Abilities reset and skill points refund 

Unfortunately, all of your Skills get reset upon starting Journey+. However, the skills points get refunded as well.

It can be tedious and inconvenient to purchase all your favorite skills back, and skills like the Dash, Lift, and Slam can only be learned upon reaching that point in the story, so skipping sections of the game early on is not possible. 

However, there are two silver linings. The first is that because you retain all your skill points you will be able to earn more as your play through the game, allowing you to purchase even more skills.

The XP required to get skills points also doesn’t increase exponentially so you will earn them much faster this time around. The second silver lining is that you will retain all your Lightsaber stances in Journey+. So, you can do your favorite combos on enemies right from the get-go. 

Retain all collectibles 

Finally, all collectibles from your previous playthrough will carry to Journey+. Essences, Chests, Databank entries, Seed Pods, Force Tears, and Treasures will be retained.

You won’t be able to obtain them again, unfortunately. For example, an opened Stim container will still be open in Jouney+ so you won’t be able to upgrade Cal’s Stim capacity further. But this does mean that you won’t have to go around fetching all of these things again and purely focus on the story. 

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