Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: All Stim upgrade locations

Stim upgrades are vital in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor as they allow you to heal more times. You start off with only two Stim charges which are not enough for the whole game unless you’re a seasoned pro. There are 10 upgrades (technically 11) you can obtain to increase the number of heals. Here’s how to get them. 


In Coruscant, there is only one Stim upgrade. To the left of the Undercity Meats Meditation Point (the first meditation point), there will be a wall. Reach the top of it and you will find a Stim container guarded by a security droid.


In Koboh there are six Stim upgrades you can obtain. 

Pyloon’s Saloon 

Inside Pyloon’s Saloon is a secret room that can only be opened with the keycard that can be bought from Doma for 10 Priorite Shards. 

Basalt Rift

From the Basalt Rift Meditation Point, head west until you encounter a Mogu next to a wall-running segment. Run across the walls to reach a wall covered with vines. Climb up and take the path to the right to reach a Stim container. 

Observatory Understructure

Later in the story when you come here you will be able to fight a mini-boss called Urgost, Fist of Rayvis. After beating him you will find a corridor with a door that opens up to a room where you can grapple up with balloons.

Land on a ledge where you will find some Stormtroopers and a Stim container. 

Gorocco Matriach.

Talk to Mosey in the Pyloon Saloon and she will give you a rumor of a Gorocco Matriach. Defeat the Matriach to get a Stim container. Keep in mind, you will need the Force Lift and Force Slam abilities to reach the enemy.  

Mire Terror

You will recover a Stim container for defeating a legendary foe called the “Mire Terror”. From the Gorge Crash Site Meditation Point, head right.

You will see a metal door which you can lift. Lift the metal door and continue along the path where you will encounter some Mogus in the Viscid Bog. Among them, there will be one with horns, which is the Mire Terror.

This will also require you to have the Force Lift and Force Slam abilities. 

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Abandoned Shack 

In the Foothills where you initially meet Skoova, there is a Relter nearby you can use to glide across the gap. You will reach a shack, inside which, there is a destructible wall. 

From the shack’s entrance, there is a path that leads to a Nekko. Mount it and ride it to the rear of the shack. Double jump off the neko and continue along the path until you find a terminal.

Hit the terminal with your Lightsaber to Spawn a Roller Miner. Push it off the edge and onto the shack’s level. Then lead it to the shack and throw it at the shack’s wall. When the wall is destroyed you will see a Stim container. 

Chamber of Clarity

This won’t give you a Stim upgrade but will give the ‘Fellowship’ perk that allows you to hold an extra Stim. To get this you will have to complete the Chamber of Clarity. 


Sheltered Hollow

This one is impossible to miss so, if you want to avoid light spoilers you may skip reading this. Sometime in the campaign, you will enter a cave/tunnel to take refuge from a dust storm. After a cutscene, you will find a Stim container on your way out. 

Crypt of Uhrma

From the Crypt of Urhma Meditation Point head to the cave with the chimes. Entering the crypt found in the cave, you will find a wall that can be opened by solving a puzzle.

The clue will be at the top of the structure and once you complete the puzzle by entering the right combination, the wall will open up to reveal a Stim container. 

Shattered Moon

There is only one Stim upgrade in Shattered Moon. In the mission “Investigate the Factory Lower Levels”, when you reach the mission location, you will see an Ascension cable.

Use it to reach the ledge on the right where you will see a zipline. Use it, and make sure to double-jump the electrified segment. Once you land, continue rightward until you see a Stim container on your right. 

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