Star Wars Outlaws: Everything revealed so far

Being developed by Massive Entertainment, Star Wars Outlaws is an upcoming open-world action-adventure game that every Star Wars fan has dreamed of at least once. The initial trailer for the game did well to create a buzz around the game and thankfully we got a spectacular gameplay reveal not too long after which showcased many aspects of the game. 

Release date and platforms

Sadly as this is a recent announcement, Ubisoft has not announced anything regarding Star Wars Outlaws‘ release date other than that it will be coming out sometime in 2024. However, the studio has revealed that the game will be coming to PC, PlayStation 5, and of course Xbox Series X|S, though it is unknown whether it will be available on game pass. 


Only little of the setting of Star Wars Outlaws is known. Within the Star Wars timeline, the game will be set in between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, so The Empire will probably play a major role in the story. 

From the trailers, we could discern that the game will take place in a brand new location in the Star Wars universe called Toshara, where the majority of the game will seemingly take place. 

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The story of Star Wars Outlaws will revolve around the Galactic Empire’s war against the Rebel Alliance, and will heavily focus on the criminal side of the world. 

The story will be told through the lens of Kay Vess, a criminal trying to survive in the galactic underworld, by attempting to pull off one of the biggest heists in the Outer Rim and live off of her ill-gotten gains.

This obviously won’t be a walk in the park and she will have to evade everything that’s out to get her, including the Empire and the Syndicate. 


Star Wars Outlaws’ world premiere trailer confused us, and we had no idea what to expect. The gameplay reveal at the recent Ubisoft Forward, thankfully answered almost all of the questions we had.

The game will be open world and by the looks of it, Massive Entertainment is seemingly going for a Grand Theft Auto-esque world that players can explore and mess around in. 

From the gameplay trailer, we got to know that the game will have contained areas where missions will take place. Players can complete these missions either through stealth or by engaging in loud chaotic shootouts. The world will also have various towns and cities on each planet that players can explore. 

There will of course be vehicles that players can use to travel across the world as revealed in the gameplay trailer where Kay can be found fleeing some enemies on a Speeder (a hover bike) and later engaging in space combat in her Trailblazer (spaceship). 

A wanted/reputation system will also be a feature in the game. It is unclear how this will work, but if we were to guess, it will probably be affected by the decisions the player will make in missions. 

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