Tails of Iron tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Tails of Iron, the Metroidvania developed by CI Games is available with PS+ for the month of April and will likely gain a whole bunch of new players trying it out for the first time. And so here are some tips and tricks to help new players survive the game’s harsh world. 

Pay attention to the colors of enemies’ attacks

This is explained in the game, but it is worth mentioning anyway as it is the most vital part of the combat in Tails of Iron. The enemies have three main types of attacks, each presented in different colors. 

  • If the attack is red in color, then it’s your cue to roll in the opposite direction. 
  • If the attack is yellow in color, then it cannot be dodged without sustaining some damage. It can be blocked and countered though. 
  • If the attack is red in color, but has a circle, then you will have to dodge twice to avoid getting hit as the attack will have a large AOE. 

Attacks and dodges don’t require stamina

Unlike most other souls-like games, in Tails of Iron, you can attack and dodge as much as you want without worrying about a stamina meter ruining your flow.

However, that doesn’t mean hacking and slashing away at an enemy like a madman is a good idea as you’ll be open to attacks while attacking, and getting hit a few times is enough to kill you. 

Check equipment weight

Anyone who has played the Dark Souls games will recognize the familiar equipment weight system in Tails of Iron. If your equipment weight crosses the first line your dodges will get slowed significantly, so make sure to not encumber yourself in pursuit of being heavily armed. 

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Use the map

Rather obvious but sometimes players can forget to use the cards they have been dealt.

The map in Tails of Iron is especially useful compared to the maps of other Metroidvanias. It shows everything you need to know including your exact position, the location of side quests and waypoints, etc. 

Choose a weapon that fits your playstyle

This is a particularly helpful tip for players who are new to the Metroidvania and souls-like genres.

Unlike regular hack-and-slash games where combat revolves around slicing away enemies and performing combos, in games like Tails of Iron, the combat heavily revolves around positioning and timing, which means every frame of the character’s animation is important. 

Axes usually do more damage, but their animations can leave players vulnerable. Ranged weapons are useful but will need arrows/bullets. Spears have long ranges and can be deadly when paired with a shield.

Two-handed weapons like swords and hammers have charge attacks that can break an enemy’s block. It’s all about what the player wants and what the player finds most fitting for their playstyle. 

Prioritize resistance over defense while equipping armor

It’s obvious that wearing armor is important but equipping armor with the highest defense is not a good idea for the most part. Paying attention to the resistance offered by the armor is a lot more important and useful. 

In Tails of Iron, players will be facing off against four main types of enemies: Mozzies, Grubs, Frogs, and Moles. It is way more beneficial to equip armor based on the resistance offered against these enemies.