The Elder Scrolls Online: Tips and tricks for beginners

The Elder Scrolls Online, ZeniMax’s incredibly successful MMORPG, is free on Epic Games for a limited time. It’s a vast and complicated game with tons of content and the incoming hordes of new players will most definitely be overwhelmed by it. So here are some tips and tricks that will surely be of help to those who are visiting the massive world of Tamriel for the first time. 

Don’t forget to use heavy attacks

While spamming all your abilities while in combat in The Elder Scrolls Online, you will inevitably run out of magicka/stamina. Instead of using a magicka/stamina potion or waiting for your magicka/stamina bar to refill on its own, you can take the help of heavy attacks. 

When you successfully land a heavy attack your bar gets refilled quite a bit, so be sure to perform them regularly. 

Do not sell your unwanted gear 

While questing, dungeon crawling, etc in the game, you will rack up a lot of gear in your inventory. Your first instinct might be to sell the unwanted ones to an NPC for some quick cash, however, that’s not a wise idea as there are better uses for unwanted gear, especially if you’re below level 50. 

Researching pieces of gear with traits will destroy said pieces in exchange for learning their traits, which you can later add to whatever piece of gear you craft. Furthermore, you may never know when you may find another piece of gear with the same set of traits again. 

Log in every day

The Elder Scrolls Online offers a login reward every day. These rewards can range from simple potions to hundreds and thousands of gold and even mounts. So make sure you log in every day even if you do not feel like playing or do not have the time to. 

Make use of the daily XP bonus

Similar to the login rewards, The Elder Scrolls Online offers XP bonuses every day for completing a random dungeon and battlefield. The XP boost is rather high and is the quickest way to reach level 50 without having to grind for hours on end. Along with that the game also rewards you with transmute crystals and gear, so be sure to complete them if you do have the time every day. 

Don’t buy a mount

When you first start, you might find traveling to be a bit of a pain as you will have to run everywhere, but be patient as you will receive a free mount once you reach level 10. 

Mounts in the game are all virtually the same, so the fancy ones you will see won’t have any benefits. The only way they differ is by their stats which can be upgraded every day for a small price. So when you do get your mount, do not forget to upgrade it every day. It is advisable to max out its capacity as you will have more inventory space. 

Do not keep unwanted potions

It’s common to horde items in RPGs, and you may do the same in The Elder Scrolls Online as well. However, some items like potions are not as useful as they seem as you will usually have a healer in your party, (unless you are the healer in which case the potions become even more redundant). 

Potions that are lower level than you need offer little to no help and are therefore just a waste of inventory space, so do away with them as soon as you get them. 

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Use Wayshrines

The map is vast and traveling from one end to the other takes a long time. You may also notice that fast traveling costs quite a bit of money.

This might not seem obvious at first, but the game lets you fast travel for free if you make use of Wayshrines, so always make sure to use them especially when you start as gold can be precious. 

Read every book you see

You will come across hundreds if not thousands of books, letters, scrolls, bookshelves, etc in your time in The Elder Scrolls Online. While it may seem tedious, be sure to read every single one you find.

Some of them reveal lore bits and some will progress certain skill lines like two-handed, bows, shield, etc. You do not have to sit and read through everything, just scrolling through the pages will do the job. 

Learn light attack weaving

You may only rely on your abilities for offense in the game, with the occasional heavy attack to recharge your magicka/stamina, as light attacks may seem like they deal too little damage.

While they are rather useless on their own, a trick known as light attack weaving will boost your damage-per-second tremendously. To perform this technique, what you have essentially to do is cancel the light attack’s full animation by using an ability. This is of course easier said than done, but mastering this skill will be incredibly helpful, especially in the end game. 

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