The Finals review: Great shooter with minor kinks

The Finals, a multiplayer shooter game developed by Embark Studios, has created a significant buzz in the gaming community.

This review delves into various aspects of the game, to provide a comprehensive overview.

Game positives

The Finals is distinguished by its high-energy, game-show style, blending traditional shooter elements with a dynamic and engaging atmosphere.

The game sets players loose in a world where the environment is destructible, reminiscent of a throwback to earlier multiplayer shooters.

It features unique mechanics such as UFO events that cause structural damage, low gravity moments, and varied game-length effects like sandstorms and traps.

These elements contribute to a gameplay experience that feels fresh and unpredictable each time around.

The game also employs an AI voiceover for commentary, adding a sports game-like feel where the commentary reacts to the team’s performance.

While this feature can be considered controversial, it contributes to the game-show ambiance and provides a sense of real-time engagement with your actions.


In terms of thematic execution, The Finals lacks a distinctive identity.

The characters, weapons, and maps, while clean and colorful, don’t stand out as particularly unique or memorable.

The voiceovers, though human-like, have a somewhat bland feel to them, lacking the depth and personality that could enhance the game’s overall appeal.

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Monetization and unlocks

As a free-to-play game, The Finals offers cosmetic items for purchase, such as character outfits and weapon skins.

However, these items do not impact gameplay, allowing players to enjoy the game without feeling pressured to spend money.

The unlock system in the game is comparable to Team Fortress 2 than Call of Duty, emphasizing new methods of play rather than a linear progression of unlocking weapons.


The Finals is a fun shooter, with its core gameplay being especially engaging.

The game’s free-to-play model and the balance between paid cosmetics and gameplay fairness is a worthy addition.

Overall, it presents a fresh take on the team-based PvP shooter genre.

Its environmental destructibility, coupled with the game-show concept, offers a unique and entertaining experience.

While there are areas for improvement in terms of thematic depth and character development, the game’s fundamental mechanics and gameplay dynamics make it a notable entry in the multiplayer shooter space.

The Finals

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