The Last of Us Part II Remastered: Everything we know about the game

The Last of Us Part II Remastered is an enhanced version of the critically acclaimed 2020 game, set to release on PlayStation 5 on January 19, 2024.

This remastered edition promises to leverage the capabilities of the PS5 to offer a more immersive gaming experience. Here’s everything we know about the game.

Graphical and technical enhancements

The remastered version of The Last of Us Part II aims to fully utilize the technological prowess of the PlayStation 5, offering a host of graphical and technical improvements.

It will feature various modes, including a native 4K output in Fidelity Mode and a 1440p resolution upscaled to 4K in Performance Mode, along with an Unlocked Framerate option for televisions supporting Variable Refresh Rate (VRR)​​​​​​.

In addition to resolution improvements, the game will also see an increase in texture resolution, enhanced shadow quality, and a higher animation sampling rate.

These graphical upgrades are set to offer a more immersive and detailed gaming environment. The PS5’s power will also be harnessed to improve loading times significantly, making for a smoother gameplay experience.

Moreover, the integration of the DualSense wireless controller’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers is expected to deepen player immersion in combat and exploration​​​​​​.

New game modes and content

One of the most significant additions to the remastered version is the “No Return” mode, a roguelike survival mode with randomized encounters.

This mode will enable players to experience the game’s combat in a fresh, challenging setting, with each run offering different stealth and combat encounters against a variety of enemies.

It will also feature a global leaderboard for Daily Runs, adding a competitive edge to the gameplay​​​​.

Another intriguing feature is the “Guitar Free Play” mode, which allows players to play unlockable instruments in different in-game settings, complete with audio FX pedal support.

Additionally, the “Lost Levels” feature will offer players access to sequences that were cut from the early development stages of the original game, providing insights into the game’s creation process.

This, coupled with new developer commentary, will offer players a unique behind-the-scenes look at the development​ for The Last of Us Part II​​​.

Accessibility features

Staying true to Naughty Dog’s commitment to accessibility, the remastered version will retain the original game’s suite of accessibility options and introduce new features.

These include Descriptive Audio and Speech to Vibrations, utilizing the DualSense controller to indicate character speech and cadence.

Pricing and editions

For those who already own The Last of Us Part II on PlayStation 4, the upgrade to the remastered version on PS5 will be available for $10. For new players, the standard edition of the game is priced at $49.99/ £44.99.

In addition to the standard edition, a special W.L.F. (Washington Liberation Front) Edition will be available for $99.99/ £99.99.

This edition includes a SteelBook display case, enamel pins, a Washington Liberation Front patch, and 47 Society of Champions trading cards, with eight of these being holographic cards​​​​.

Trophy list

The remastered version is expected to feature a new set of trophies, providing fresh challenges for players and trophy hunters alike. This follows Naughty Dog’s trend of introducing new trophy lists for each re-released version of The Last of Us games.

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