The Samurai class is the true OP class in Elden Ring

Elden Ring is undoubtedly a difficult game. While certain builds may go through the game more quickly than others, it is and always will be a massive game with several obstacles.

Every stage along the Elden Ring path demands more of the player than the one before it, necessitating greater stats and more powerful builds.

Despite this, a large portion of the game is determined by the initial build chosen by a player, and the Samurai class makes a pretty compelling argument as to why it is the best class.

The Samurai’s display of strength can be seen at the very first boss of the game which is the Grafted Scion and is supposed to be a pre-determined defeat at the beginning of the game. Even knowing what to anticipate, few players can bring it down on a first run.

However, those using the Samurai class can take down this boss quite comfortably using the skill Unsheathe and a couple of well-placed jumping attacks, the Samurai staggers and bleeds. Not to mention that players can also resort to the Samurai’s other weapon, the bow. 

It can be argued that the sorcery and faith builds are the strongest in the game accounting for the versatility of their long-range attacks, however, the Samurai is not limited to short-range sword attacks.

Various bows can be used with great effect using the Samurai. Combined with some good ashes of war such as the Mighty Shot, the bows are capable of dealing some serious damage.

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However, the greatest asset the Samurai possess is the insane dexterity which, when clubbed with any good ashes of war, can deal not only out-and-out physical damage but also the dreaded blood build-up leading to blood loss.

No matter the size of the enemy, almost every single enemy with the exception of a few rocky foes cannot escape from blood loss. It is the single most overpowered passive damage that a player can deal to enemies.

In addition to this, with the availability of various katanas throughout the game, different effects such as black flames, red flames, freeze effects, and several others can be added. A dual-wielding of these buffed-up katanas can scare away players from PvP encounters.

The single most overpowered (OP) weapon combination is probably equipping the Rivers of Blood katana in the main hand and a black-flame enchanted uchigatana in the off-hand.

There are several combinations of weapons and talismans that can be used. Overall the Samurai class is a very versatile class and, unlike sorcery builds, will not require players to invest so many level-up points into one attribute.

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