Operation Monarch: What to expect from the Call of Duty crossover

Activision has announced a new crossover for Call of Duty Warzone which will introduce King Kong and Godzilla: Operation Monarch.

The new event is coming to Call of Duty: Warzone on the 11th of May. It will feature King Kong and Godzilla battling it out on a volcanic island.

The island is located between Mine and Ruins. This updated location will feature the remains of Serpentine creatures from Kong: Skull Island. Other locations such as Runway, Peak, and Lagoon will all receive cosmetic and structural updates.

The two iconic movie monsters will battle it out on the island, which leaves players to imagine how they will conduct themselves in a battle royale amid the chaos.

King Kong and Godzilla will be punching each other all over the island and will have major implications for aircraft combat, and players will have to watch out for the massive monsters to avoid being stepped on.

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The developers have not revealed too much about Operation Monarch, but from the teaser trailer, we can see Kong catching aircraft and destroying them. Just after which Godzilla rises out of the ocean beginning the colossal battle.

We can expect players to be hit by gunfire from aircraft should they get too close to the battle zone, and it is possible that players can take advantage of the chaos to lure opponents into the battle zone or to provoke one of the monsters, leading to all kinds of havoc.

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