Top 5 hardest achievements to unlock in Elden Ring (Ranked)

Elden Ring’s achievements and trophies aren’t for the faint-hearted. Elden Ring is a challenging game, full of numerous obstacles to overcome before players can obtain 100 per cent completion.

Let us take a look at the five hardest achievements to unlock in Elden Ring:

5. Obtaining all the Legendary Ashes

The Legendary Ashes can be the spirit of an adversary, a mini-boss, or even oneself to fight with the player summoning them at the touch of a button. While players will go to great lengths to obtain the Mimic Tear or Black Knife Tiche Spirit Ashes, obtaining all of the Legendary Ashes will take a lot of time and effort.

4. The Lord of the Frenzied Flame ending

To get this secret ending, players will need to return to Leyndell after burning the Erdtree. Among the ashes, players will discover a path that leads to some secret tombs and a boss encounter.

The Cathedral of the Forsaken is at the conclusion of the path. Behind the altar lies a concealed wall that leads to a new route where players must jump down on little footholds. It’s easy to plummet into death if one takes the wrong step. Players will then have to defeat Radagon and the Elden Beast in a new, fiery conclusion.

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3. Obtaining legendary talismans

In Elden Ring, talismans may make or break a build. Talismans add valuable passive abilities or stat boosts that might make the difference between defeating the boss and surviving. Legendary Talismans have a lot of beneficial properties that can help players improve your build from decent to amazing. Finding them, on the other hand, is a lot easier said than done.

2. Dragonlord Placidusax Is Hard To Find And Hard To Beat

In order to find this boss, players must platform down to several floating footholds near the enormous tornado in Crumbling Farum Azula. Then players will see that one of the divots on the last platform is devoid of a person.

Players need to stand over it to get a prompt to rest in it. Once they do this, they will be transported to an arena where a two-headed dragon is ready to face them and upon beating the dragon the achievement can be unlocked.

1. Obtaining all the legendary Sorceries and Incantations

Obtaining all of the Legendary Sorceries and Incantations would most likely take the longest of the collecting accomplishments in Elden Ring. Players have to go out of their way to obtain these all-powerful spells.

Before players may play Comet Azur or Elden Stars, FromSoftware will put them through their paces. To obtain them all, players will have to face some very difficult trials.

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