Top 5 most powerful spells in Elden Ring for PvP (Ranked)

If you find yourself face-to-face with a mage during a competitive dual in Elden Ring, then be prepared to be bombarded by some heavy-duty spells.

In this list, we will be taking a look at some of the most powerful spells that players can obtain from their journey through the lands in-between. The ranking is based on the ratio of damage dealt to the FP cost of the spell and ease of availability.

5. Carian Phalanx

The Carian Phalanx is one of Elden Ring’s greatest defensive spells. With an FP cost of only 26, a number of magical glintblades appear above the character’s head, instantly attacking opponents that enter their line of sight. The spell can be easily purchased from Preceptor Servius very early in Lady Ranni’s quest.

4. Terra Magicus

This spell causes the player’s other spells to have their damage increased by 35 per cent. Terra Magicus is perfect to use right before battling a boss or horde of enemies. Once cast, players can swap to one of the damage-dealing spells listed and annihilate anything that is in front of them.

Players will need to go through the Academy Crystal Cave and take the lift up behind the Crystalian bosses to obtain this spell.

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3. Loretta’s Greatbow

Loretta’s Greatbow is the best spell for players to use if they want to shoot foes from afar. This spell has the same range as it does damage, the only drawback being that the spell takes time to be charged in order to deal heavy damage.

Loretta’s Greatbow can be obtained by defeating the Royal Knight Loretta boss in Caria Manor.

2. Ranni’s Dark Moon

If one is interested in PvP, they have to expect high levelled opponents with the best spells in their arsenal. Ranni’s Dark Moon is one of the end game spells that literally shoots a moon at enemies and builds Frostbite and reduces magic damage negation for the opponent. It is an end game spell and can only be obtained after finishing Lady Ranni’s quest line.

1. Comet Azur

This spell was so overpowered that it had to be nerfed by the developers. Despite this, it is still comfortably the most powerful spell in Elden Ring to date. The spell itself is literally a magic beam having an enormous range and continuously deals damage as it strikes the enemy. It can obliterate anything in its path and is incredibly hard to get out of once hit.

In addition to this, the spell can be obtained mid-way through the game atop Mt.Gelmir, allowing players to have very early access to this monster of a spell.

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